“Richard Darrell, is sent to Colombia to retrieve sensitive info after the Hooker’s scandal at

the Cartagena summit on April 22, 2012. But he is caught by FARC wings and disappears until

A new President is in Office — A woman of course. But this time we find out that Richard was set

up!! SORRY CHIP!!”

OUR THRILLER PROJECT Will be in pre-production. If you want to collaborate or share our funding EFFORT, we will appreciate it. Here is the link:
Thanks Tony Taylor, Isobella Caroline Boucher, Sarita Smiley, Sarah Hauser, Sean Martin, Michelene Phillips Heine, and other actors that will join, once they see the needed support.

Tony Leon Taylor

Talent scout, singer, actor, and lead man from Staten Island, Richmond County, New York.

“My name is Tony Taylor, I live in Staten Island NYC. I am an Actor, Singer, & musician. I put 100% into everything I do. I have been Acting for 5 years. I enjoy working with children at my church to help them with development of life and music. I’m supporting Joseph with his amazing initiative! YOU ROCK MAN!!!”

Isobella Caroline Boucheriso1
“I’m an actress from Astoria-Queens. I’m also a model, fashion designer and Cast director. I support Joseph with his Feature film that will be a blockbuster. I have read the script and it blew my mind..! I will play Irina, a challenging role, indeed!”

Michelene Philipps-Heine
“Hi there, I’m Michelene, actress from Sunny UK for a change. I admire Joseph’s courage in going ahead with his feature film. I’m a fan of him. I will be filming with my British cast, making this project international. Thanks Joseph!”

Sean Martin

“Hi there Peeps! I am an actor, stunt performer, stunt/fight choreographer, Parkourist/Free-runner, and voice actor. I have 9 years of professional martial arts experience with Muay Thai (Primary Art), Capoeira, Taekwondo, Judo, and Filipino Kali. I’m 5’9″ tall, muscular, 170lbs, blonde short hair, blue eyes and Irish American. I’m supporting Joseph thoroughly! I believe that he can make this independent production a reality. Here is a Picture of my last zombie endeavor…”


Sarita Smiley — Host/presenter, director of photography, comedian, and camera operator from New York City, New York.


Sara Hauser
I am very outgoing, very reliable and am a hard worker. I am just getting started in this industry and looking to gain experience with Joseph’s Feature, “WTC-2.”



Author Joseph De Cross on Feminism and a Female U.S. President

When Women Inspire

Please join me in welcoming Joseph De Cross, the author of the political thriller Code 13: Life of a Madam President. Joseph kindly accepted my invitation to visit and discuss his views on the election of a female U.S. President, which is what he proposes will happen in his newest novel. He also chats about feminism and family.

Let’s give Joseph the stage:

Joseph De Cross Profile Photo Author Joseph De Cross discusses a future with a female President.

Joseph De Cross, “here, here!” Talking about women issues and getting inspired on a daily basis! I was raised by a single mom through the 60’s and 70’s. She was the typical housewife that took over a business, left by an ex-hubby that didn’t want to deal with child support.

This, I think, connected me with femininity and its core issues. I have been told by social media friends (yes, ladies!) that I’m a good listener…

View original post 331 more words

Claudia Canavati – An Interview

Claudia Cavanati

Dream, and walk the walk of fame, if you dare…!
We love interviews. We delve into people minds, by dropping almost unconventional questions. We were touched by this young woman with her sweet smile. She was contacted through LinkedIn and agreed on a interview with LDC. Did she know about us, and our humor? Well, we came up with simple questions. First we did a research on her. Because, sometimes we don’t feel like asking silly questions, like… how old are you Claudia? Well, she did agree on revealing her age.

So you were born in Santillo, Coahuila…?
Hi Joseph, my name is Claudia Canavati, 25 years old TV host, from the northern area of México. And you are right, I’m from Saltillo, Coahuila.

What was your dream, as a child? I know many would love to hear from you…

Since I was a kid, I remember wanting to be a star. I used to stage my own little plays as a singer, actress or even a TV host. I don’t know, huh, maybe ’cause I got that special attention, the fact that I could be myself and show my abilities to everybody. My own reward was my own my big smile. Besides that, I have another passion…

Which is… cooking?
Well, that one I know for sure, but I love to dance!!

Now you tell us!
Well, thank you for not asking then. I love to dance since I was a kid, I actually can feel the music and I can express my emotions through it. I can’t stand life without music; is my therapy to feel that happiness from within. Above all, Oh gosh! I feel

PHILL GEE — An Interview


Through the magic of the net, an informal cyber-connection took place…


We wanted to know the man behind the book and we asked Phill to open up a little. Without much ado, we are going to share this interview with our readers…
What happened between 1987 and 2013?

Now, we’d rather go straight to the point; Phill and I met by chance at
Phill is actually a Location manager, line producer, and location scout from San Francisco, California.
Phill was extremely supportive of our job, and wanted to know if we could put him on the spotlight, On the East Coast (Though originally from UK).

Much to our surprise, we found out that Phill wrote an e-Book — Just like us wrote poetry, about a very true story of underground life in Thatcher’s Britain. A Les miserable quintessential narrative about that bohemian life from the point of view of those 70’s-80’s musicians, painters, sculptors, artists, authors, designers, filmmakers and, gee! people from all backgrounds who descended upon London to escape the misery of suburbia or the hopelessness of their jobless situations in the new industrial wastelands of northern Britain.
What started as an exchange of emails and points of view ended on a promise from our part. “Nothing like helping for the sake of humanity.”

We already had interviewed other artists before, and the questions flew naturally..
Here they are!

Joseph: Why the Name? Our readers would come up easily with this question…
Phill: It was always going to be ‘Dirty Squatters’ it rolls off the tongue and everyone has a squatter story, which are usually dirty

Joseph: Was Thatcher’s Britain worth living in?

Phill: Yes living in Thatcher’s Britain was worth while, though it most certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. But on reflection, it was a
time of charged and channeled energy, when my generation were actively political

Joseph: When did you begin brainstorming the book?

Phill: About 7 years ago

Joseph: Pete Best or Ringo?

Phill:Speaking as an aging Punk, I wasn’t much on the Beatles! (Sorry Paul!)
Joseph: What led you into a career in the Film industry?

Phill: When I quit the life of a drummer, there was only one route, Film Locations, and I’ve never looked back.

Joseph: Best advice?

Phill: Never trust anyone when they say ‘Trust Me’

Joseph: Best advice for THESE new generations?

Phill: Life’s education is not inside a smartphone!

YIKES for that 2013 SHOW!

Now, we quote Phill about the picture, he politely submitted to us after the interview:
>”Just for the fun of it, the photo of me attached was taken in my ‘squat’ in Brixton (south London) in 1987, and the piece of paper I’m holding is the eviction notice for that apartment
Many thanks


We support our friends and colleagues, because we never know when we are going to need that extra push to make it thoroughly in this industry. Here is the link to Phill’s book: “DIRTY SQUATTERS”



Praying for Our Women!

  Please read with these uplifting songs: Happy New Year!


If you want to start the New Year in peace and renewed in the Lord, here is a message from thousand of women that are praying connected through the magic of the Internet. “Ask, and you shall be given…”



Dear Woman of God, be still for a while, and praise God for His favor, His
grace, and His awesomeness. God is able to do the impossible, and is always
near. He loves us unconditionally. Together, let’s get 1,000 ladies to praise
Him with one voice in this next hour. Please forward this to every woman you
want God to bless. Let’s all say this prayer during this hour: Dear God, this
is my friend whom I love, and this is my prayer for her. Help her live her life
to be the fullest. Please cause her to excel above her expectations. Help her
to shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love. Protect her at
all times, lift her up when she needs You, the most, and let her know when she
walks with You, she will always be safe. In Jesus’ Name. Amen! Now tell nine
(or more!) sisters you love them. Get going girl!! Do not ask the Lord to
guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet. Keep sweet,
family! *Transforming”

In His Love, Theresa Davis


The Power of Prayer

Oh Lord! Give us the power of your word. I want to reach as many as your glory deserves. The time is here to get prayer back in our Country. Violence is the direct answer from the demons that were thrown to that pit of hell. The victory is ours and you are our true savior. Amen!

We pray for this Country and our authorities. Thank you Lord!

Psalm 107:28-30 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven

Matthew 7:7 ”Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it

Mark 9:29 And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”

Acts 9:40 But Peter put them all outside, and knelt down and prayed; and turning to the body he said, “Tabitha, arise.” And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up.

James 5:14-16 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Always & With Thanksgiving

Ephesians 6:18 praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints,

Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Have a blessed 2013

For All The Mothers..

Lord De Cross profile image

Mothers–How They Saved Our Planet

And our lives…

Mothers, those human beings that gave us life. How can we thank them for teaching us how to love? They are there for us all the time. We never grow too old for them, and the relationship goes beyond a physical existence. Any of us can start with the same CLICHE opening, “My mother always…”

Our emotional bond with them is so strong that we cannot conceive life without these precious creations. Probably because since birth, mothers were there for us, and took care of our basic needs, while the male counterpart was out there facing a different world, on a different level.

The hand of the Creator

Doing research after research, we always bump into discoveries so unbelievable but real, and hidden from us the average Joe. Let’s explore just a “simple” example from nature, or shall we say our creator:

The process of kissing

Mothers tend to kiss their babies immediately after they are born. The hugging from the very first minute locks in the bondage for life, as we said. They joy and smile is transferred to the neonatal. The effect of kissing is hiding a wonderful moment and an important life saver. Our mom’s tonsils are testing some pathogens on our faces, the ones that we try to swallow ourselves.

Technically memory B cells set a warning and travel to the mom’s breast to create antibodies, that as we thought save our lives from danger. That’s why breast milk conveys antibodies that can prevent illnesses for life (1). Can you imagine all these being done by nature? Now you wonder why instinctively we have that emotional and biological bondage


Exploring our beginnings we clash with so many feelings

enchanting emotions that draw a smile with no deceiving

reassuring bonding that expose

our own mortality

Mothers, the one that show us love and

keep us away from insanity

This ode comes naturally as that kissed

 good bye from them

Mothers that never end loving us

wonderful companions, that never leave us behind

Supportive, Adoring and Understanding

How much money do you think it is worth? Mothers give their all… and at the end of the day, they area thinking of what’s coming next. What keeps them going like sweet working ants? How can we measure their love for us? Even if you get divorced or come from war, mothers are there for you. Even if you are facing death penalty, mothers will be there for you until your last second of breathe.

Why do we cherish mothers so much?… even if they already departed

  • We can depend on them
  • The older we get, the more we love them. All those curfews made sense after all!
  • They never hesitate in giving an opinion for our own good.
  • They teach us fairness and kindness
  • Even if we don’t know how to explain an issue to them, they already know the answer!
  • They teach us to depend on ourselves and they know us so well.
  • In spite of our bad luck or tense changes in our lives, they will always be there… for us


A mother with her infinite love... until the end.

A mother with her infinite love… until the end.
The real baby!

The real baby!

A true story:

A Mother’s love

On May 12, 2008 an earthquake hit the area of Wen-chuan, China. These local rescue workers made it through debris and heavy beams from a building that collapsed. What they found was a breath taking and horrible scene. In the middle of chaos and the death, they found a mother holding an inhuman load on her. For hours she was already death, stiffen and kneeling down, wrapping her humanity around her baby. Her own cute little thing was under her and was sound asleep. The workers started to cry, when they found under the baby’s blanket a cell phone with the following text message: “My sweet dear child, if you survive, remember that mom will always love you..”

Holding our hands as babies

memories of tender thoughts

teaching us to walk while smiling

mingling with a view of their sons

Mothers will always be there for us

Never forsaken or forgotten

until we get our call… to join them

always loved by them unconditionally, with no end…



You can skip to minute 6:00, and go straight to the main event of this video…


(1) Sompayrac, Lauren. (1999). How the Immune System Works. Malden, MA: Blackwell Science, Inc. p. 71

H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem

A Christmas baby for thee… A Christmas baby that didn’t want to be born mommy asked the Lord to be her first baby girl How I was supposed to know that I was going to be autistic from the start seeing lights, voices and not ready to answer them back Mommy wanted to cry when she found out I was a “he” nurses knew that postpartum denial can really kill dad was proud and wanted to put that baseball cap on me I knew I was focusing on things that were new to me, but… My angel Brothers… . My angel brothers said bye and they knew of my upcoming ordeal cherubs waved good bye and they were happy for what I felt I was going to belong to a new family on Christmas day, I see… Yeah, I was an angel way before mommy and dad chose me MORE….ON THIS LINK… H.O.W Things Changed on Christmas day — An Autistic Poem

A Peek into The Future. H.O.W. The World Will Look Like

Two choices in Life. You Choose one…

Ready, set, Go…!

Have you ever wondered how the world would have have looked if the Roman Empire had lasted until today? New York would be called maybe New Sicilian, or maybe New Tracie. But that never happened and we are here. The dice were roll in favor of the Barbarians and other tribes from the East that destroyed the Roman Empire. So, here there was luck and bad moves from the Senators and the Caesars. Do you see a similar picture in this 2012 U.S.A.

What the World would look like if Alexander the Great had not died on June 11 323 B.C. Maybe India and Iran (Persia) would’ve made alliances to get his empire down. But Alexander didn’t make it that far. Rumors has it, he was poisoned by his own men. So New York probably would’ve looked like a new version of the Parthenon. Just take a look at Wall St. and the Museum of Natural History. You certainly see traces of Hellenistic architecture.

•H.O.W. Did We Get This Low?
Three stories and lives that change in a minute or two. H.o.w. does society permit all these? Are we reaching our lowest moment in history. Find out! – 44 hours ago

•H.O.W – Care At Home
H.O.W. can you be a care-giver for someone who is providing care at home for a loved one? It’s not so hard and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. But first, you have to know who they are. – 2 days ago

•Humanity One World – H.O.W. You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is on the rise around the world. Many of these unfortunate victims are children. Here’s what you can do to make a difference. – 2 days ago

•Social Issues: H.O.W. and Why I Am Involved
Why I am proud to be involved with H.O.W. and why we need you, too. Yes, you. This is about all of us. – 4 days ago

Choices made that shaped up a new world

Hitler wanted a Reich for a thousand years, and he was crazy about it! I can imagine New York City being renamed New Austria, and with good reasons. But it never happened. Russians, French and British allies, and the Americans of course, bombed that dream right into a pitiful Bunker.

I see him desperately putting a ring on Eva Anna Paula Braun on April 30th, 1945 and having a toast for the last time. How pathetic! His honeymoon was postponed for eternal hell, and he never lived his dream. Was he able to make choices? Certainly, but his mind was set to be the Fuhrer and nothing less! — Remind me of the apathy in this country. You either are a follower or a leader.

How Can we Make the Right Choices…

And get this Country together? Is up to all of us. Conspiracy theories speak of a new world order and the annihilation of useless population. But going forward in our analysis; the choices start with each and everyone of us.


A Peek into The Future. H.O.W. The World Will Look Like?

The Dangers Behind a ChatLine

A “free” Chatline that started it all.. We wrote a hub about how to get the IP from an email, and boy, we’ve really got so many surprises. We started surfing the Chatlines back in 2004, and it was a cool hobby for a divorced dude. Nothing bad talking to someone on the other side. “A/l/s” and “LOL” became the new lingo or jargon along with LMAO! What they didn’t know is that we had an advantage in computers and html coding. Suddenly, we started getting emails from dating websites and even lotto winners from the other side of the world. Some were these deposed kings that wanted to share some money, and the rest became history. The senders mostly were from some areas in Africa and Europe. Don’t want to mention any nation in particular, but seems that these rotten apple and scumbags from those hard working countries wanted to get hold of your savings by any “cyber” means necessary. Signing in You get into a new world of chatters, from the average bored housewife to Internet bots that offer online sex. You will never find your dream date in there, unless you were born blessed. Some are there just to stay away from a harsh reality. Actually the reality behind your screen is scarier than letting your child treat-or-trick by themselves and capable of bumping into people with the weirdest costume for Halloween. MORE… The Dangers Behind a ChatLine

Sofia Vergara and The Secret Of Her Success

This is more than just a hub from a celebrity. This article is close to a personal story, because we have been to Colombia more than a dozen times. We just fell in love with that Country and its traditions, and its women of course. “Viva Colombia!” On July 10, 2012 Sofia Vergara or “la Toty” turned the big “Four-O” Long gone were the days of hot summers in Barranquilla where she was born. Tumultuous years of chaos and insecurity made Sofia emigrate to Miami in the early nineties (1994) . Discovered by a photographer on a beach in Barranquilla, Sofia wanted to be successful and famous. Not even her Catholic background and her nun teachers could stop her from making her dream come true. In 1992 she welcomed her only son: Manolo, and from there own, she had a reason to fight. Divorced came along, the the U.S. was ready for her, or was she ready for the United States and stardom? Why Colombian Women are Beautiful? Barranquilla is a seaport and since colonial times has welcomed immigrants from all over Europe. Curiously, if you see Shakira, she is from Barranquilla as well. The mulattoes from Africa brought their own beat. The East Europeans and middle east brought those famous thick eye brows — check Salma Hayek and you will see what we mean. If you expose little girls to drums and a hot weather, adding beaches and their background, rest assure you will see well rounded bodies that during years blended nature and beauty through the beat of a “Cumbia.” If you drive east from Barranquilla 200 miles, you’ll end up in Caracas-Venezuela. Hello? You ever heard of Venezuelan runner-ups from several Miss Universe pageant contests? More… Sofia Vergara and The Secret Of Her Success

High School Math: Conversions, Practical Examples and Applications

Setting ourselves up… inspired and ready! Conversions have been around for ages, and now more than ever with this wide world web revolution. If you travel to Argentina for instance, you get faced with the metric system right away. You start seeing on the road signs like ‘Speed limit= 85km/hr” If you rented a car at the airport, you are now like, “on your own.” If you go to Frankfurt Germany, you get faced again with the metric system wherever you go. You were in a bubble where all you needed to know was miles/hour, Fahrenheit degrees, furlongs and inches. I don’t even mention the language because that would be another story. The Metric System In 1799, Napoleon introduced the metre, originally based on the metre des archives and the kilogramme des archives. Condorcet and revolutionary team, defined the decimal multiples in order to keep coherence. The U.S. is the only industrialized country that hasn’t adopted the system completely. “Tradition and the very example of Benjamin Franklin, made us think about it too long.” CGS, ISO, DIN, ASA, ASTM and so many more; those were the haunting scientific initials in college, and boy they gave us a headache. “Conversion? Who cares about them?” Listen kid, I’m just writing this article in order to open a door, away from your texting and that catchy guitar from “Tin lizzy.” MORE… High School Math: Conversions, Practical Examples and Applications

You do People Wrong, See What Comes Back at You

Corporate America is downsizing jobs and trying to keep some shareholders happy. What is happening at the work place in main St. America? Way back until 2007, summer and labor day cook outs and free turkeys were just a normal thing. Today you better be happy with what you have. Here are some thougths to ponder for our middle class. With no agenda in our writing but a title, we will be rambling with our own unique thinking… Lay-offs Work is scarce and the Company is not meeting its quarter revenue. Plant managers have already reduced spending. The answer? You are going to be laid-off. The company pushes the expense on the Government. The Investors and shareholders are fine.You are not needed anymore. Your wages go down 33% or more, by opening an unemployment account. Who suffer the most? The middle class. At the end of the year, uncle Sam will tax you anyway. So, your dream home and that back porch will be lost to the Bank, unless you refinance or get another job. But seriously, can you get a job easily? Is who You Know, and Not What You Know So, if you are a young kid, who just graduated from College with a debt and want to get the entry level job. Do you think they are going to let it have it? Here applies the survival of the fittest. Either your dad is friends with his boss and give you a hand, or you just start flipping some burgers, thinking where did you go wrong? more.. You do People Wrong, See What Comes Back at You

Christopher Columbus, Beyond His Own Thoughts — Vivid History as We Saw it

From the Dominican Lighthouse, “El faro,” to his final resting place at the Seville Cathedral in Spain, we wanted to find our man; our historical person with no limitations. So much was said and so much he claimed in his own defense and he was no easy task. We delved our mind into books and infinite biographies. We had an advantage on our side though: we spoke Columbus language, therefore we knew our Latin and Castilian. May 20, 1506 Is Christopher Columbus final hours on earth, here in Valladolid Spain. High fever and uneasiness couldn’t stop him from worrying about his two sons until the last minute of his frail and vulnerable life. Why did he look so worried? Franciscan priests were giving him his last rites according to the Catholic ecumenical tradition. We were able to see a weary and tired old man that wanted to repent himself for sins that he must’ve kept to the last minutes of his rentless breathing. We heard words in Latin and Castilian. “pater, filius sancty, amen!”… “Os doy la bendicion hijo mio…” More…Christopher Columbus, Beyond His Own Thoughts — Vivid History as We Saw it

The Legendary Journey Through Life — Our Eleventh Hour On Earth

The days come and go. The Sun witnesses our everyday life. The more we interact with people, the more we capture our meaning and reason to be in here, at this very moment. Memories, conscious pondering and self assurance, make us realize that we are at the right place with no doubt. Life so Short, But Worth Living it Life, just a simple four letter word by itself; left drifted away to our own will. It encapsulates a paradigmatic meaning for all of us. Just as intriguing as unpredictable for every single soul on earth. However, irreverent and reckless with some of us; at times hard to put up with. Life can make you happy, worry about, sad and naturally become evil or magically deter negativeness and reach that “quintessential” angelical level. Or maybe, perhaps, It can make you go against your own self… thinking… thinking that you are doing the best for your own good at that “instagram” of your life. Life can bring around the best/worst out of nothing for you, as “common sense” might dictate. If we see it with a cold head, we can decode, or caress with our mind (slightly) that action and interaction between our own souls. Some die every day and some are born at the same time. But that kind of understanding is beyond our own intelligence. Our mind is so complex (gee!), and so is the world around us; even if we try, we cannot hardly achieve a rational stability, whether emotional or physical from another person’s point of view. If we continue and get deeper into this metaphysical philosophy, we might get burned out. “Joseph, what the ## were you reading?” MORE… The Legendary Journey Through Life — Our Eleventh Hour On Earth

History, A Thrilling Experience — Beyond The Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs and their secret tunnels. A personal story that will take you to the very end. History written in a different way foir sure.

Free to Travel It was 2004 when I decided to travel all over the world. We all, back then, could blow more green cash than today. The money was there for grabs, and life didn’t stop us from travelling. First stop? Paris, France The British Airways flight landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport on time after 6 Hours over that Atlantic from Columbus, Erick the Red and Leiff Ericcson. My Française was pretty much decent, even just to play a part on the next DaVinci Code installment. “Mon pere (dad), mon pere… wish you were here with me dear dad…” I was shocked to see that Eiffel Tower and the “Arc de Triomphe” at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. For some reason all I wanted to see was those mysterious and cavernous Paris catacombs. I was a history buff thanks to a wonderful History teacher in 8th grade. Besides I took Geology in my 20’s. What was there to stop me? The Catacombs This underground ossuary holds the final resting place for more than 6 million souls. Located at the south end of the former city gate. These underground stone mine tunnels hid some many unsung heroes from the French resistance movement. Believe it or not, German troops found out about this network location and began to use it as an emergency bunker. Why an Ossuary? Paris, the one the Franks knew, held Roman traditions to bury their beloved ones on the outskirts of the city gates. By the Fifth century, paganism gave way to Christianity… More… History, A Thrilling Experience — Beyond The Paris Catacombs

Reggaeton and our Young Generations — New Trends in Music

If You listen to this song you will feel a repetitive cadence from a catchy romantic keyboard. The drums make you realize this beat is an Afro-descendant beat. If you are from the Caribbean, you will get hooked up right away. The synthesizer blends in to transmit a mood. That’s when our brains start telling us: “shh! Just listening! We love this new beat.” If you are from Nordic areas, you will pass on, or maybe not? Because troubadours and ole songs from the British isles were in your genes. Perhaps minstrel, scald or rhapsody came to your mind. Just picture that flute from Titanic’s theme song: “My heart will go on..!” This is Reggaeton..! (Romantic and slow) Formally known as Spanish reggae, was introduced slowly by Jamaican laborers when they were hired to build the Panama Canal, back in 1903. By 1970, it has evolved into a unique blended style that would be played by local street musicians. They brought their own “dance hall” and “riddim,” a patua alteration from rhythm. Reggaeton and our Young Generations — New Trends in Music

There are events in our lives that have changed us forever. Were we schedule for these appointments, “for real bro'”? We just leave it to you appreciated reader… maybe you can try to remember some personal experiences that may come to your mind. But as we see it now, we could’ve been dead or maybe in a mental house. Let’s see what we can share freely as we write. Air Traveling Is May 11, 2009. We are coming back from a trip to South America. By pure luck we are at the right moment and the right seat. We boarded a flight from Bogota bound to New York through Colombian carrier, Avianca Airlines. What was happening? Or what is going to happen? Let’s hear from the Captain: “Ladies and Gentlemen.Seems that… we are flying over Miami right now, and ATC tower control is telling us that we are safe to keep on our itinerary…” What was he talking about? So far we were just over Floridian skies; clearly above Miami, and we would’ve been landing at JFK in the next three hours. Let’s hear what was he trying to tell us: “Is 2:01 p.m. and… in a few seconds, on your right window, you will see the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifting off from Cape Canaveral. Folks, just keep your eyes open and you will experience a first class event..” Our passport stamped, before departure, “11 Mayo, 2009” Source: Self Feeling the World? You want to know what we felt? We saw through our windows a ball of fire coming up in an angle, close enough to shake our emotions and lives. A sort of life threatening missile with changing colors from dark blue to incandescent yellow and back to phosphorescent orange. We could hear a dead loud sound. Those freaking thrust engines must’ve separated a few minutes later, but it was an spectacular view for 2:04 p.m. What you saw on TV, like the Challenger explosion back in 1986, we saw it face to face with no …. More Events That Changed Our Lives for a Reason

Tales From the Unemployment Office

Tales From the Unemployment Office Hi, my name is Rick, and I’m not Dick, like some people used to call me. My reason to be here is to share with you, some stories that, being funny enough, can cause embarrassment to many. Like my now friend, Joseph De Cross, we would borrow his niche intro, “there are so many reasons for us to be here.” Well is 11: 55 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and I’m about to take my break. Here are some real anecdotes that so many can relate to. Talking about funny, let’s see what we can share with you, even if Uncle Sam frowns upon. The Unforgiven and Forgetful How many times I have to remind applicants that they need to bring two forms of ID, and believe me I work at a federal facility and have seen it all. Here are some answers from people that came seeking for help: Your ID or any form of identification, and social security please? More…. Tales From the Unemployment Office

The Sun Comes up and Witnesses What Comes Around

Thinking… Thinking… Funny to know that whatever we do and don’t, will be witnessed by that energy of life. We can go back and see the pictures from our family and even from history itself, and still see shadows and days that passed us by. Today we felt inspired to write about the sun and its complex activity in our lives. What will happen when it becomes extinct? Every year, or every six months, we reinvent the wheel with technology and advancements. From Menlo Park and Edison, to the launching pad at Cape Canaveral; all along the sun came up and witnessed our misery and redemption without saying a word. From paleolithic George to fascist Mussolini, the sun was there to stare at our flaws and deepest hopes. What is behind all these? Inspiration came today with so many words, and before it went away, we grabbed our virtual quill and wrote down primal feelings without even knowing how this hub is going to end. We know we do not live forever, but recklessly commit inhuman acts in the name of progress… thinking we will wake up in a new life or probably after some freaking cryogenic miracle more.. The Sun Comes up and Witnesses What Comes Around