Begging for our love

By lord de cross What would you do if you see the signs and the red flags. You try your best, you know your love is out there for you. But your fate was already set for a date. What is going to happen to you? We will just let ourselves go? What is really love for… when it can actually take your life. So many untold stories and so… humm, many broken hearts that we wonder if… if experiences were set on purpose for us to grow and be able to actually let go. This is a story that can be true or fiction. Let’s see what our mind will have for us. Begging for our love: Begging for our love



A life in Colombia. seen by three promising young women. By coincidence they are taking different planes, pushed by the need and the lack of opportunities. They were born in difficult times hearing from Guerrillas and armed conflicts. Cartels were in vogue even before they were born. Most of their families were poor middle class, absorbed by the Landowners that owned lands taken from their Grandparents. They know that life is just a walking heart beat that can be stopped at any corner by any Drug dealer or armed insurgent. Not only that. The average Colombian Male is super extra jealous, add alcohol and overpopulation of women. FARC, ELN and even right wing Armies suck the life out of the average twenty something male. So the disparity is enormous. The story of these three women can be so real at times, because it is what it is. They look to leave a country that denied them grow and personal enrichment. Let’s have a peek at a regular day in a Colombian airport: …



MEDELLIN COLOMBIA JOSE MARIA CORDOVA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ELEVATION 7,027 FEET A.S.L. After 35 minutes on the air, The Avianca Flight 042 lands on this Airport that is between mountain ridges, If the Pilot is not ready for any unexpected sheering wind front, you are heading for calamity or death. That’s why so many pilots check the weather conditions and keep flying in circles until safety is met. Christina who left her mom and daughter Isabel broken hearted, have to leave the plane for a check up…passengers start talking about a certain woman that was caught carrying drugs in one of her belongings. Some say that is a normal thing in this ‘Business’, they keep the anti drugs team busy with one and let five more human ‘mules” pass undetected to a final destination of drug smuggling. Christina takes a picture of her daughter on the terminal and see a difference. “Oh my..! She is already six and time really fled. I wish I could take the next plane back… But I need the money for her medicines and her Leukemia, that really could take her life sooner.” Christina kneels down not caring what the passengers would say and starts praying… A COLOMBIAN DREAM PART 2


CANCUN MEXICO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 9 P.M. Ron ‘alter ego’ Chuck is waiting for Christina. His sunglasses hide an scar. Is a trademark ‘earned’ after taking over a Casino pool owned by the Mob. His little ‘Colombian Guinea pig’, like he called her, has arrived finally. Those six hours were enough for christina. Who was happy to step out of the plane. Her red hair was done 2 days before and that made a difference for a change. “Hola, hola! amiguita!” are the first words said in Spanish to her. “Hi! Ron! You look taller than I thought. Nice meeting you!” says Christina with a natural smile. “You don’t look too bad for 26. Damn! babe!” “Please stop it, I’m just me” “Viva Colombia!” He is pleased with her and he doesn’t refrain any emotions. She knew that the Conference in Mexico was an excuse. He paid Online for her plane ticket and that was what really mattered. Her time in Cancun was going to be short. Her next stop, in a week, is going to be Los Angeles and then ‘Sin city’ Vegas. MORE IN HERE…