This is the story of Jenny, a typical 24 year old graduate from Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. The regular girl next door. A cheerleader in her prime…

She shared her experiences with me and told me how hard was to commit with a guy nowadays. She graduated with a PhD in Economics and has a decent job in Manhattan. Her parents gave her the best education she could ever wished. Well, that’s what we thought!

The thing was, she was the only child her the family, and missed the company of a brother or a sister. Her Halloween nights were boring and on Christmas always had to visit her uncles and her cousins… But she was always missing something.

Here is the story: She dated 4 guys in six months and broke up as soon as they wanted to have sex or were getting too pushy or even violent in the relationship.

“These guys today, all they want is to get in your pants and treat you like garbage and move on. What’s wrong with these guys?” she said.

I asked her why 4 guys in six months? “I have a decent job making 68 grand a year. My apartment in Jersey city is half way paid off and… I think is time to get settle with ‘Mister right’, don’t you think so?”

I told her that unfortunately quality of men has gone down the drain and what they really want is a “quick fix”

What Does He Really Want From Me?


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