My Kid Blocked The Darn Facebook On Me!

Nowadays, our kids have a world of their own, and we don’t blame them. They have dealt with the changing times, added to bullying, divorced and harassment of all type–55% married couples won’t last those 15 years or more. Your Vinyl records or cassettes from ‘Sony and Cher’ will remind them that you are already an outcast for them. Or perhaps they were denied that brand new car that they saw on the reality show,”My sweet sixteen.” They even created a new language that would keep you away from their own circle. LMAO! So you are in trouble, hearing from New Ipads to the coolest apps, that sadly you don’t even know what they are for…!


Back in the middle 90’s Hotmail, AOL, and even AIM, were the fad. Kids would open accounts left and right using mostly a name and the numbers of their birthday. Some shyer would choose the puppy’s name and some odd number, in order confront availability. But, since Mark Zuckerberg made fun of this ‘girl’ and exposed her on his new TheFacebook, Kids took the banner on their own, and unfortunately wherever Kasey went, Shannon did. Then the trend took off, and everybody started to open accounts. Didn’t matter if they were 11 years old. They would beat the system and with no problem would certainly open or logged in in 10 minutes. “If my older sister has one, why not me??” Said 12 years old Ricky.

But, lately they have created their own circles, and even realize that ‘adding you’ was a mistake ‘contra natura .’ Why? They wanted to fit in, and be capable to upload pictures that you wouldn’t approve of. So the Nerdy ‘kiddo’ of the group…You suck!, taught them how to block your account…and war was inmediatly declared. So, a friend of mine asked me how can she battle against it, and probably save them from a potential psycho, pedophile or a relationship that you didn’t approve from the beginning?


My Kid Blocked The Darn Facebook On Me!


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