Why is Math So Hard?


As far back as we know, math was an evolving tool that was needed for counting and then commerce. The first math problem was with no doubt in how to share a fire between two or three groups of cavemen. The second handy approach to that tool were our fingers. Can you imagine this four or five families in a cave being away from Mammoths and T-Rex’s. When night fell, they needed to make sure all their off springs were inside too. So, ten fingers were available, until the clan grew in quantity. What was next? Their toes fingernails? heck no! The smell of it was an absolute deterrent. You might wonder what, or how accounting was born? Was later on when ‘Habibi’, a Phoenician seafarer, wanted to keep track of his jars of wine and sheep’s skin. Otherwise he could’ve been held ‘accountable’ by his concubine ‘Sarah’


Chaldean-Assyrians founded Ur, 4,500 years before Christ. According to our records, it was the first new citadel with a population of 100 thousand inhabitants. Astronomy was already set in its ways and math was in the early stages of Algebraic equations, but who made this math so popular? First were the traders known as Phoenicians, who Invented commerce as is known.

Why is Math So Hard?


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