Why Women Love High Heels?

Rumor has it… How is that when we males see a woman walking down the street; we literally turn to watch instinctively? Is this the preamble of a sexy view? Most likely yeah, unless you got cheated by Ru Paul, who didn’t mind… making you turn heads… right Channing Tatum? “Yuck Lord!” For the married guy, is an announcement of an impending slap on the face, courtesy of the wives walking next to them. For the single guys is just a reminder of freedom and its exquisite benefits. Sorry Brad Pitt, Angelina got you good by the balls of fire from a 4th of July evening! All along Matthew McConaughey was laughing with us with his free spirit and his sex appeal. More…. Why Women Love High Heels?


Why Women Love High Heels?

Rumor has it… How is that when we males see a woman walking down the street; we literally turn to watch instinctively? Is this the preamble of a sexy view? Most likely yeah, unless you got cheated by Ru Paul, who didn’t mind… making you turn heads… right Channing Tatum? “Yuck Lord!” For the married guy, is an announcement of an impending slap on the face, courtesy of the wives walking next to them. For the single guys is just a reminder of freedom and its exquisite benefits. Sorry Brad Pitt, Angelina got you good by the balls of fire from a 4th of July evening! All along Matthew McConaughey was laughing with us with his free spirit and his sex appeal. More…. Why Women Love High Heels?

A Father’s Loss

We believe that parents do leave the biggest influence on their kids for life… and we know it first hand. However, through History and through the most monotonous every day life, we keep seeing a pattern. Some dads and moms are taking the responsibility to raise a child lightly. Not that we need to check into famous genius folks that were raised by a single parent, but is scary to say the least, how violence is related to a ‘parentless’ upbringing. If they Know It, Why Do They Do it? Society is closing a cycle that we have seen before through History. The Bible talks about the “sign of the times.” History buffs refer to the fall of this new Babylon. And Politicians? Making sure they get that bonus at the end of a “successful campaign.” Why do they do it then? Is just a trend set from birth and from our own environment: Your great anparents fought the biggest recession and knew how to earn those dimes (5 & ten stores). But the big change started around 1918, when World War I came to an end. Going to the point right now, skipping WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Quality of life has gone down the drain and that toilet, that your plummer never fixed it “that well.” A Father’s Loss

RELATIONSHIPS–How To Get The Woman You Want

As usual we start with a title we like, and smoothly work on it as we go. Writers can develop some powerful advice by connecting with the readers needs. Just imagine yourself already reading our article for the sake of that love… that probably is walking around you, and even giving you ‘hidden’ hints. You happened to catch with us and even put that appointment, laundry, ex Gf on hold just to keep up with our writing. You know what? At this very second we just have a mind and a heart to help you. So let’s see how can we share some secrets and take care of you… that we consider already a friend that is in neede of advice. “Two sugars and cream please!” Here we go: MORE… Relationships — How To Get The Woman You Want

Still Loving Our Dad, After All…!

“Inspirations and ideas coming and going… Grabbing those thoughts before they go back into Heaven” Knowing that this coming Sunday is very especial day for so many of us, we thought of writing down a piece… that we never know how is going to end. Feeling those muses guiding our fingers, and putting a mind to it. A roller coaster of life reaching its peak, and getting ready to see it ourselves… falling down into the realm of feelings, senses and emotions… that must’ve been long gone. or unconsciously hidden as far as we know. Here is our little piece dedicated to our own dad. more… Still Loving Our Dad, After All…!

Math And Love — How Do they Help Each Other?

Is love a science or an art? Can we approach love with a brain and math? These thoughts came into our mind a few hours ago; we just wanted to find some answers regarding this matter. A nerdy view? We don’t have nothing against our beloved friends that spend their time on the net, twitter and are about to add this freaking app to your social media needs. But honestly, if it wasn’t for Einstein, Graham Bell, Ford, Steve Jobs and so many net gurus like Sergei Brim and Larry page from Google, we would’ve been riding a 2012 first class Carriage. Did they have trouble regarding love matters? We think it was a 50/50 chance. They had as many opportunites as us regular folks. The scientist behind those good manners Our friends with a high IQ, have a different view of the world. They basically, here is just an example, break down everything, and test every word said and heard. Their memory is like that extended memory from your cellphone, but this time the difference is how they got it…for free? It’s just genetics and self replicating intelligent neurons. We are lucky to have a background in math and being capable of understanding these fellows with no problem. Let’s see what we got in store tonight/today…. MORE… Math And Love — How Do they Help Each Other?

Writing, A choice And a Pleasure

Writing The process of putting our thoughts, emotions and feelings into an article or ‘hub.’ This is our mantra of writing and like Billybuc said it: there is not other way but writing from within. We have come a long way since we pushed our first ‘Publish’ on the night of July 7th 2011. Certainly we gave moderators some headaches and they were patience enough to let us know and grow. Thank you guys from behind the scenes! History, by the day… We are very thankful to our mother and our teachers that were there for us… trying to answer to our inquisitive minds, and with not google at hand for them. Can you imagine? More.. Writing, A choice And a Pleasure 51

My Kid hates Math, I Need Help

Once again, my Sister-in-law was asking for help with her 8 years old daughter. The problem was the way she was sent home with homework that was hard enough for this poor thing. WHY IS STILL SO HARD? We wish we could help every kid in the world, but we will try on this hub to explain the reason why is still hard, even with new technology and tutorials. Math is like learning a new language, it requires an extra attention and therefore practice. From the four symbols, down to those freaking theorems, Math is a haunting devilish dude. BUT PLEASE HOW CAN I HELP MY KID THEN? First thing first: after second grade, they will dealing with multiplication and probably division. You just need 1 hour a day every other day to catch up with your kid and join in her/his homework. You won’t have problems in showing them how to divide, multiply and catch up with that subtraction, that they barely understood at the end of the first grade. You have to get involved seriously, you know why? By 9th grade they will have to face Equations and polynomials, and they had 7 years to gain concentration and trust in their ow selves, thanks to your effort in telling them that divisions are a piece of cake and they can do it!! BUT AT LEAST GIVES US A CLUE LORD! Okay, supposedly you did bad in math too. You will need to go to an outside source. Maybe another relative that did better than you and can pitch in. Another help is google. The search engine is full of examples and can take some load from your shoulders. If your kid opened a Facebook account by him/herself, then is just a matter of help each other out. MORE… My Kid hates Math, I Need Help

Freddy, A Real Friend…!

Is like it was yesterday. Freddy showed up into our lives for a purpose…  JULY 20, 1969… I’m watching TV with my younger brother and we hear this Neil Armstrong phrasing up his famous words: “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” We were on our summer break from grammar school. and people all around us talked about Vietnam and that concert at Woodstock NY; or those Star trek reruns and the World of Disney. The next day, a new family moved into our neighborhood. They brought with them their only son, who was nine years old. My brother was almost five and I was already six going into seven. His name was Freddy, and he almost instantly, at that very first day approached us candidly. I was playing baseball with other 2 kids my age, but Freddy had a little problem: he barely could walk. He had what we could call a bout of polio. He had to walk carefully by holding his arms and hands against the walls. Remember it was 1969. He had developed a certain stage of Polio and, we kids our age back then, didn’t even know what this ‘polio’ thing meant for us….and of course for him. Nine Months Later… Freddy, A Real Friend…!

Inside a Mother’s Mind…!

MONESSEN, PENNSYLVANIA 45 MILES FROM PITTSBURGH THE PRESENT 4 P.M. A woman in her late sixties, gets off from her Cherokee 1998, 4WD. She grabs some groceries from the back of her car. Her breathing denotes her stress and fatigue. She manages to open her front porch fence latch, and feels a puppy’s wagging tail who is double checking for his own food. He surely welcomes her with his special ‘moaning.’ Behind him comes a girl who happens to be her granddaughter Mary. “Grandma!! you are back!” The dogie was kinda of nervous, like he did something bad, but could not..or was not able to tell. “I have been working almost my entire life at a steel mill in this area (my hometown in Western Pennsylvania). My husband passed away 3 years ago and Mr. Loneliness is just a friend that have been coming around more often and… this might sound ridiculous, but I didn’t even realize at times, he is actually here. My Kids already in their forties have made their own life and I don’t blame them. Life in here went down the drain, after Vietnam, Supermega Stores and that net! Good grief! Besides Mr Loneliness I have this puppy next to me. My loyal companion and guardian. His name? Winston. He is a medium size white Scottish terrier, who wouldn’t even harm a doll. I Just came back from seeing my specialist and seems that I… whew! I fear for my life. Hard to come up with the words… Even the cashier at ‘Family dollar’ asked me if something was wrong. I was worried for…I’d never expected this time would come so fast!” MORE…. Inside a Mother’s Mind…!

An Earthquake At The Moment Of Writing this Hub?

THE FEELING YOU DON’T WANT TO EXPERIENCE Through our lives we have experienced 3 mayor earthquakes and let me tell you, you don’t want to be there. What does it feel like? In simple words •Starts with a small uneasy feeling •Animals will react to it in minutes or even hours before it happens, depending on their genetics. •A rumbling from nowhere. Ever felt a train approaching behind your room wall…Oh my!!? •the floor under your ‘selfishness’ starts to shake sideways, sometimes is like on an airplane going through turbulence •Your heart definitely will pump blood as a genetically response of survival •Panic and despair surrounds the area •It settles for some long seconds, then might start again An Earthquake At The Moment Of Writing this Hub?

Going Back in Time — The Places I would visit

You might wonder Why we love History?? Is in us, and will be in us. To start, we would love to go places where were, at a very unique and specific time… We would love to go back in time so bad! that, since we were five, we tried to grab those sequential bits of memory for any future use. Maybe? We tried to memorise dates, special moments, that were captured by our own mind. Here are some examples and the dates are accurate, by the way: Friday December 13, 1971 We see myself in front of this blackboard. Is almost noon time at our own classroom. We remember it so well, because we were already hungry. Our 2nd grade teacher chose 3 students to solve these scary divisions; we were one of them to step forward. We were 7 years old and we saw our teacher explaining carefully to us where we, actually did go wrong. The dust from the piece of chalk made us sneeze. Finally, and for the very first time, we were able to connect our brain with those dividends and divisors, and that freaking ‘residual.’ We saw our other 2 friends still struggling in solving their own Divisions next to me. The sensation has lasted until today: The capability of learning, and perhaps teaching ourselves, when there was not other means available. Friday March 13, 1982 After walking for 3 miles with my own special force, me and my buddies arrived at this firing range area set in a remote place. I was in the Army of course, and it was time to learn how to shoot to that target range in front of us. I saw myself positioning this rifle assault ‘butt’ against my shoulder. Our assistant planner officer warned us to be ready for the big hit, after shooting this “AK-47.” Going Back in Time — The Places I would visit 76

I Don’t Need Math or Algebra To Make It In Life!!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This story is about uncle Joseph, who’s got to help his niece Sarah. At times we, the creative writers, come up with stories from real life situations, or perhaps from our own inspiration. Nicole, Sarah’s mom is worried about her daughter’s future and asks her brother to step in. Unfortunately, good souls depart early in real life stories, and uncle Joseph is not an exception to this unexplainable celestial rule. This might’ve been somebody’s story… that probably our muses brought to us overnight… but, let’s hear from uncle Joseph: “My niece was having problems with her mom and I had to watch her academic improvements for a while. If Iknew how hard it was going to be… meaning taking the place of her dad, the one she never had — Dad found another woman, I think I would’ve past on the responsibility, but I had promised my own mother to do my best for her little grand daughter. PICKING HER UP FROM SCHOOL Sarah, was already 14 and facing a hard day at school. I was told already by her mom (my sister), that her grades were not as good as the last period, and that made me think on my way to the school, “she needed more than math, she needed a father figure.” MORE… I Don’t Need Math or Algebra To Make It In Life 77

Woman! Don’t stop loving me!

How would you take a woman’s approach of love? Would you just let yourself go? Or refrain from having the chance of your life… Maybe this time the signs are there to let yourself carried away! Here we go again woman! Your wishes finally prevailed Time has come to tell your tale you said you wanted to reveal me a secret? I’m waiting as I move my body to this music Say what? come closer to me you will never what? I cannot really see! what you mean by that, looking strayed and sick sick of not being bold enough to stick with me Okay! take an extra deep breath Oh there you go, stop for God’s sake! you are getting used to my move grabbing my tie, getting me on that mood MORE…. Woman! Don’t stop loving me!

The Act of Giving

From the very minute we are born, we deal with this simple word over and over; the first ; going further to that especial breastfeeding that your mother ‘gave’ you ceremoniously. We picture ourselves that flying spoon that landed in our mouth.

IT CREATES HORMONES TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY You picture your mom, holding you and kissing you, and ‘giving’ you all the attention you can have as a baby? Her own face changed and even her eyes sparkled those emotions. If you see those eyes again through a girlfriend/boyfriend, most likely you will cry out of nothing. Giving can create defenses in your own body, that even the most experienced physicians cannot understand thoroughly. Put it this way, is like praying for your own wellness, but without noticing it. MORE… The Act of Giving

What a turkey kind of day!– Fun Piece of poetry

One in the morning and I’m feeling stuffed might sound so corny but, I’m feeling the blast, that blows on my pendant that makes me unique what a turkey kind of day screaming from deep within!

Being pardoned before noon, doesn’t cut it anyhow Since I’m already thawed an cleaned too late for me, if you already know what I mean read between the lines..you already have removed my giblets from deep inside People love the left overs but that is not what really matters who cares if I’m roasted enough Sunny day will use her grandma’s recipe at last Mary 615 will share her own stuffing, maybe, perhaps MORE… What a turkey kind of day!

Single Parents and Their Daily Struggle

This is a hub that will look for the best and down to earth advice by describing the worst social crisis since the Industrial Revolution. This unending economic debacle has gotten worst since 2007 and has separated families and altered our own core values as a society. THE FIRST SIGNS OF THIS DEBACLE We highlight the first signs that made a couple to think about their relationship and.. to make the hard decision to split up — some still together, but hating each other. The first sign was a financial distress: we needed more hours to keep up with our credit card onerous debt, and falling ‘behind’ with our bills. The reason for us to get marry or move in with someone was to share moments and share a reason to be loved…on this freaking Earth. How could you?… have been able to keep your family happy and your boss as well? THE SECOND SIGN Unconsciously we looked for the better and if possibly, the best, why not? What I meant to say is… if you were having problems at home, at times thinking of not even getting home to hear your partner’s whining about those stupid past due bills. Your mind would’ve been looking for a way out…which could be one of these: a chat room, a coworker that values you as a person, or a hobby to get the stress out, meaning bowling, fishing, hunting… you name it! more… Single Parents and Their Daily Struggle

How A Site Got shut down After We Took Some Actions — The Facts

Hubbers United succeed in shutting down Bigezine —The BigE story until now— It is not the first time any hubbers content is stolen, nor would it be the last time. As the old saying goes, if you are good there would be people who would want to copy you. Wait a minute they never copied me..? Do I really suck? I was ready to fill my DMCA… omg! A week and a half ago, many Hubbers got a shock of their life when they found their content (written barely minutes ago) was scraped by a stolen content directory. All the content in the site was stolen content from others! Most of the affected Hubbers were those who participated in a Challenge to write 30 hubs in 30 days ( like us). MORE… How A Site Got shut down After We Took Some Actions — The Facts

Sergio Michel, The Genuine Serge From Jersey…!

We rarely sponsor people that doesn’t need our support, because they are already out there and whatever we could add or say, wouldn’t mean nothing to them. In the course of our journey, we’ve bumped into all kind of people and situations. We have been all over and have met interesting and hard working people. This time we were lucky to get to know this artist; we could say a ‘showman’ with a heart. His name: Sergio Michel. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, ‘The Serge’ always wanted to be in the limelight. How can we tell? Well, His wit and his strong and rhythmic voice give him up easily. Sergio feels that a lot of his natural and physical talent comes from his grandfather, Sergio Michel more… Sergio Michel, The Genuine Serge From Jersey…! Sergio Michel, The Genuine Serge From Jersey…!