So, You Think You Cannot Laugh Seriously…!

This is just a quick anecdotal incident. I was on my way home after those eight hard hours at work. Going steady through Interstate Highway 78, going west. When I was driving through Springfield New Jersey, I happened to run over a nasty pothole that unfortunately I couldn’t avoid and my car swerved slowly to the right. I had a flat tire. Darn it! Luckily I was not going too fast or not even had a 54 footer trailer truck behind me. I started thinking, “If you go straight, the next exit is 2 miles away, and if you want to save time… cross over to the other side and, even if you are taking a reckless action… just give it a try.” And just like I thought, I went over a small island divider and quickly turned on the opposite traffic. All seemed smooth and normal, but of course, some drivers blew their horn, and as I suspected, some of those safe drivers called the cops. Not even two minutes later or so, a state trooper pulled me over and did the regular, “License and registration Sir.” After 15 minutes in his Police car, he gave me two tickets, one for reckless driving and another for endangering the safety of other drivers. Wholly molly, 180 bucks for the City. MORE… So, You Think You Cannot Laugh Seriously…!


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