Don’t tell me you are mad at me!

THREE RELIGIOUS MEN AND A BEAR A Catholic Priest, a Pastor and a Rabbi are challenged by The 700 Club In trying to convert 3 Bears to Christendom…and they are promised a new House and half a million dollars donation for their own congregation. Meaning 100 thousand cash..minus Uncle Sam’s share… They are left on this place in Western Pennsylvania, near Tammy Swallow’s hometown. after 1 full day they show what they did in a live interview with the 700 network: “When I read the Bible, I poured holly water on this Cub, and next week he will do his first communion,” said Father Albert. “I preached the living word of God from our found new revelation book, and this bear I found is going to be baptized in our own premises next Sunday, ” said Pastor Deeds. MORE… Don’t tell me you are mad at me!


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