Elin Nordegren And Her Rants

Reading the news we caught up with a 12 millions wasted estate!! Holly Sister! What comes to our mind is just her revenge on a womanizer, that made a fool out of her. But, seriously we couldn’t tell that her rants were completely justified…close enough to put Tiger’s cash from those endorsements into the ‘vanities of her own bonfire.’ They say this is a small world and we can prove it. My ex was an appointment Secretary for a Comedy club in West Orange, New Jersey. It was the Spring of 1999 Yep! As clear as today, and we have good memory for dates. She made it home by 5 p.m. and told me that her boss told her to read more of the Sports section of the Star Ledger (a local newspaper). What had happened? She told me that around lunch time, this tall skinny guy came into the office and saw her having her break on her desk, coming very confident to her told her, “What? You are not going to give me a hug?” She was shocked but kept her coolness. “What? I don’t know you! I why you asked me that? she answered. This guy got so mad that immediately went to her Boss in…I don’t know if in a nicer way or… in rage? but he, her boss, came fuming after this big shot left. “Nancy, you better start reading more the Sports Section, because Tiger Woods got mad and you refused to give him a hug!” She was determined and didn’t care: “Who he thinks he is, First of all, he approached me and asked me for a harassing embrace! I’m not a whore and I’m married. Who the Hell is this Tiger Woods anyway..!” MORE… Elin Nordegren And Her Rants


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