Secrets About Women Decoded

Women are the complement of us, males. They were created to be our companion and more than just a friendly partner. We all have a mother who raised us and happened to be a female. From the beginning of times they were, like they say, almost ‘behind the scenes.’ The typical Neolithic woman was behind her male partner. We are sure that sex life was part of their every day life and style. Going to our point of discussion: There are 5 senses in a woman that decide at the end of her own physical and mental experience with that male of interest, if he will win her heart or her despise. OUR LOOKS Some women pay attention to every detail, colors and even that trendy perfume or cologne. We can say that by age fourteen, they know how we are…by looking at our fingernails, and the particular way of apporaching, and not forgetting that ‘staring.’ A tie, an eyebrow too thick.. or the way we males move our lips, and even the shape of it. Too rounded on the edges, too thick, too shiny, too wet? Our Attitude Some women by the age of 13, are already memorizing or putting together a profile of their prospective future boyfriend. Indeed they talk about it on that women’s restroom and even in the back of our cars. Most of them start a rough profile after their father’s ways. You might say I hated my dad! What about the Math teacher? Or your uncle who spoiled you more than your own dad? Well women need a male figure just to have a purpose of her sweet existence. Those high heels are waiting for you Jane! Source: self •Where did that tenderness go? •Love Is A Keeper •WALKING DOWN THAT BEACH… •How Can I Change My Man? Ads by Google Jewelry Arts Take Jewelry Design Courses at the Gemological Institute of America. Offcial-site Jewelry Wholesale Auction site Save up to 95% Off Retial Make Him Addicted To You Just Say This To Make Him Fall Madly In Love With You… HORMONES A hidden and almost subtle perspiration might start the spark to make the genetic move on both sides. Ever wonder why women love men who work ou,t and flex those muscles? Not you Lady Ga-Ga. There is a hidden reaction in the Hypothalamus. A chemical reaction that will make women act silly or ready to run away from you! MORE… Secrets About Women Decoded


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