Single Parents and Their Daily Struggle

This is a hub that will look for the best and down to earth advice by describing the worst social crisis since the Industrial Revolution. This unending economic debacle has gotten worst since 2007 and has separated families and altered our own core values as a society. THE FIRST SIGNS OF THIS DEBACLE We highlight the first signs that made a couple to think about their relationship and.. to make the hard decision to split up — some still together, but hating each other. The first sign was a financial distress: we needed more hours to keep up with our credit card onerous debt, and falling ‘behind’ with our bills. The reason for us to get marry or move in with someone was to share moments and share a reason to be loved…on this freaking Earth. How could you?… have been able to keep your family happy and your boss as well? THE SECOND SIGN Unconsciously we looked for the better and if possibly, the best, why not? What I meant to say is… if you were having problems at home, at times thinking of not even getting home to hear your partner’s whining about those stupid past due bills. Your mind would’ve been looking for a way out…which could be one of these: a chat room, a coworker that values you as a person, or a hobby to get the stress out, meaning bowling, fishing, hunting… you name it! more… Single Parents and Their Daily Struggle


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