Going Back in Time — The Places I would visit

You might wonder Why we love History?? Is in us, and will be in us. To start, we would love to go places where were, at a very unique and specific time… We would love to go back in time so bad! that, since we were five, we tried to grab those sequential bits of memory for any future use. Maybe? We tried to memorise dates, special moments, that were captured by our own mind. Here are some examples and the dates are accurate, by the way: Friday December 13, 1971 We see myself in front of this blackboard. Is almost noon time at our own classroom. We remember it so well, because we were already hungry. Our 2nd grade teacher chose 3 students to solve these scary divisions; we were one of them to step forward. We were 7 years old and we saw our teacher explaining carefully to us where we, actually did go wrong. The dust from the piece of chalk made us sneeze. Finally, and for the very first time, we were able to connect our brain with those dividends and divisors, and that freaking ‘residual.’ We saw our other 2 friends still struggling in solving their own Divisions next to me. The sensation has lasted until today: The capability of learning, and perhaps teaching ourselves, when there was not other means available. Friday March 13, 1982 After walking for 3 miles with my own special force, me and my buddies arrived at this firing range area set in a remote place. I was in the Army of course, and it was time to learn how to shoot to that target range in front of us. I saw myself positioning this rifle assault ‘butt’ against my shoulder. Our assistant planner officer warned us to be ready for the big hit, after shooting this “AK-47.” Going Back in Time — The Places I would visit 76


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