Inside a Mother’s Mind…!

MONESSEN, PENNSYLVANIA 45 MILES FROM PITTSBURGH THE PRESENT 4 P.M. A woman in her late sixties, gets off from her Cherokee 1998, 4WD. She grabs some groceries from the back of her car. Her breathing denotes her stress and fatigue. She manages to open her front porch fence latch, and feels a puppy’s wagging tail who is double checking for his own food. He surely welcomes her with his special ‘moaning.’ Behind him comes a girl who happens to be her granddaughter Mary. “Grandma!! you are back!” The dogie was kinda of nervous, like he did something bad, but could not..or was not able to tell. “I have been working almost my entire life at a steel mill in this area (my hometown in Western Pennsylvania). My husband passed away 3 years ago and Mr. Loneliness is just a friend that have been coming around more often and… this might sound ridiculous, but I didn’t even realize at times, he is actually here. My Kids already in their forties have made their own life and I don’t blame them. Life in here went down the drain, after Vietnam, Supermega Stores and that net! Good grief! Besides Mr Loneliness I have this puppy next to me. My loyal companion and guardian. His name? Winston. He is a medium size white Scottish terrier, who wouldn’t even harm a doll. I Just came back from seeing my specialist and seems that I… whew! I fear for my life. Hard to come up with the words… Even the cashier at ‘Family dollar’ asked me if something was wrong. I was worried for…I’d never expected this time would come so fast!” MORE…. Inside a Mother’s Mind…!


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