My Kid hates Math, I Need Help

Once again, my Sister-in-law was asking for help with her 8 years old daughter. The problem was the way she was sent home with homework that was hard enough for this poor thing. WHY IS STILL SO HARD? We wish we could help every kid in the world, but we will try on this hub to explain the reason why is still hard, even with new technology and tutorials. Math is like learning a new language, it requires an extra attention and therefore practice. From the four symbols, down to those freaking theorems, Math is a haunting devilish dude. BUT PLEASE HOW CAN I HELP MY KID THEN? First thing first: after second grade, they will dealing with multiplication and probably division. You just need 1 hour a day every other day to catch up with your kid and join in her/his homework. You won’t have problems in showing them how to divide, multiply and catch up with that subtraction, that they barely understood at the end of the first grade. You have to get involved seriously, you know why? By 9th grade they will have to face Equations and polynomials, and they had 7 years to gain concentration and trust in their ow selves, thanks to your effort in telling them that divisions are a piece of cake and they can do it!! BUT AT LEAST GIVES US A CLUE LORD! Okay, supposedly you did bad in math too. You will need to go to an outside source. Maybe another relative that did better than you and can pitch in. Another help is google. The search engine is full of examples and can take some load from your shoulders. If your kid opened a Facebook account by him/herself, then is just a matter of help each other out. MORE… My Kid hates Math, I Need Help


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