A Father’s Loss

We believe that parents do leave the biggest influence on their kids for life… and we know it first hand. However, through History and through the most monotonous every day life, we keep seeing a pattern. Some dads and moms are taking the responsibility to raise a child lightly. Not that we need to check into famous genius folks that were raised by a single parent, but is scary to say the least, how violence is related to a ‘parentless’ upbringing. If they Know It, Why Do They Do it? Society is closing a cycle that we have seen before through History. The Bible talks about the “sign of the times.” History buffs refer to the fall of this new Babylon. And Politicians? Making sure they get that bonus at the end of a “successful campaign.” Why do they do it then? Is just a trend set from birth and from our own environment: Your great anparents fought the biggest recession and knew how to earn those dimes (5 & ten stores). But the big change started around 1918, when World War I came to an end. Going to the point right now, skipping WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Quality of life has gone down the drain and that toilet, that your plummer never fixed it “that well.” A Father’s Loss


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