Unjust Hearts You Will get Your Call

One Of These Days… Perhaps today or tomorrow, who knows Life will catch up with you tainted souls We will announce your whereabouts aiming where we can hurt the most Uncivilized predators we will come your way check your health and what you eat every day Money and pilfering created monsters of clay You will get your due time for causing us despair More… Unjust Hearts You Will get Your Call


Carl Sagan — Billions and Billions In a Cosmic Mind

As writers we can delve into the unknown and carry on with our imagination to make a

difference in this unfair world. Most of us have an inner purpose that can take his/her readers to the unfathomed corners of the universe. Today, we will try to demystify Carl Sagan. For some reason we got intrigued by his books and his scientific-skeptic inquiries. What really brought our attention was his opinion of God. Let’s pretend that in a near future, we will be able to gather all the information of the world about any human being. There we come up with his niche phrase: billions and billions of Information technology in our own hands or in a nano-chip. Add artificial intelligence and super computers and you will be able to have a normal conversation with any celebrity or/and.. the departed. Let’s step into the future and think of bio-genetics and nanotechnology. Using imagination, quasi-quantum teleportation and a brain, we will be able to talk with Carl Sagan, astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science ‘popularizer,’ and extraordinary science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences. Meeting the Man Thanks to an Universal Quantum Leap The Interview Hi there Carl? How are you Joseph (shaking hands) We did a thorough research and found that your own beloved mother became your biggest influence. We know that she was ahead of her time. Tell us in your own words… what would’ve changed if she ever won a degree from, huh… Cornell University or MIT? More Carl Sagan — Billions and Billions In a Cosmic Mind

You Suck Big Time!!

If you are coming here and feel like Kristen Stewart, then you really suck big time! How in the world did she fall for that 42 years director, Rupert Sanders? Is this a hidden trend from FaceBook? Tell us Robert Pattinson, maybe you didn’t keep up with her “grocery shopping.” Probably Kristen was tired of that pale face with a girlish lipstick, huh? If you come here looking for some evidence that was confiscated by the FBI and New Jersey Police Department, then you really suck big time! This resident from New Brunswick NJ “saw something, and he said something.” And he inadvertently uncovered a secret spying operation that the New York Police Department was running outside its jurisdiction. WTF! (What The Fruit cake!) Our NYC Police asked the FBI to return the “department’s materials..!” They suck big time! No comments from our CIA fellows, or the secret service! More… You Suck Big Time!

Our Inspiration As a Writer…

Surprisingly I’m here. And really do not know how this article is going to end…or how it got started. Time runs so quick! I can’t believe I’m here writing about what really inspires me. I might say it’s a great deal of luck and the love for the craft. My great grandfather became a famous writer and we just did inherit his joy for writing. Amazing how we can delve into deepest humanity and capture the best moments with our own inquisitive mind. Fortunately technology has been on our side. Probably our own great grand kids will relate to our ranting one day in the near future. Forgot to mention the date, today is: July 25th, 2062 Computer! continue with our writing, we are going to take a nap…. Finally, we could say that we were close to being annihilated ..More… Our Inspiration As a Writer…!

He Said, He Had A Surprise…! We did write a piece, “Have A Surprise For You.” But many of our readers and hub friends wanted to hear from her (Thanks Tammy). His last words were, ” would you take back this man again..?” We were thinking for two days about an answer form her; and before her saying any word, she was listening to his loving words. She was touched but sad… She had to forced herself from the moment he came back home, but eventually gave in. Let’s hear her side of the story. This story is fictitious, but taken from real life events… If men knew… If men could just figure what is in our minds things would be so different from the start I hear your words and your approaching me my whole body starts to tremble can’t you see? We women can get hurt so easily, I know Is not the why, where, or simply how Our emotions are totally independent for our brain I hear your words and… trying to apologize again Just enough time to say, “huh huh..!” You are trying to change 10 years that were not too bad I fell for the man that was pretty much Mr. Right I said, “I do,” from the bottom of my heart…! MORE… He Said, He Had A Surprise…!

Have A Surprise For You

Yes…I know…..Me again… I know, I know is double work with the kids I was fool enough to keep everything with me But can you see my eyes, can’t you? I came home desperately and out of the blues… I want to change my whole prespective of us Enough was enough, let me explain, is just… The time we have been together and my stupid brain I was so blind, not giving you credit again and again Not only the kids, you cook so good too not only the woman, you take care of your Gazoo! The man from mars that conquered princess Leah The football player that loved you so dear… more… Have A Surprise For You

Who Created the Mathematical Symbols?

Whoever Invented Them, Step Forward! Believe me, when I was in first grade I was a little mess. No brainy at all. Math was like Chinese to me. I still remember that first year in grammar school. The year was 1969. Am I old? Not really, age is just a number, according to Aaliyah. I still can picture my first day in class, already chewing my pencil, because mom lied to me. She promised me to come back in a little while. Yeah right! She came 5 hours later. I see myself seated on my new desk, and to my right… I see a new friend, or future friend, picking his nose and eating that greenish dried stuff (remains). Ew! Turning to my left, I notice another red head boy crying and tearing up his notebook out of rage. I felt as though I was in a Juvenal facility…. Oh my! Suddenly, I see That Chalk making that squeal sound… Writing on a blackboard, these simple numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 Teacher Miss Roberts, started talking about these numbers that our parents used a lot in front of us, as kids. We had to learn how to write them by heart. Today is easier, and you just type the darn number, but back in the days you had to literally ‘draw’ those stupid numbers… More.. Who Created the Mathematical Symbols? Who Created the Mathematical Symbols?

Potential Murderers — How Do You Know If You Live Next To Them?

Mass murderers, when these outcasts kill, they do not fear no one, not even God. We are so pissed about the last event in Aurora Colorado.There is no other way; we came out with our own ideas to uncover these killers’ traces of destruction. We think this is a time bomb from our own society and we need to take this bull by its horn. Here we are going to tip off these scumbags right from the very minute you read this.

They Are extremely Intelligent Due to denial and neglect as kids, they keep their minds busy studying the best they can and beyond. Some might have become wonderful teachers, but life will catch up with them. Either they start a family and move on, or they become the next Unabomber. They never knew love If you check the “silence of the Lambs” video, or Timothy Mc Veigh’s childhood, They all have a pattern of misery, despair and abandonment. If you ever approach a new ‘friend’ and you find out about his/her childhood. Just pay attention in how they recreate a past of their own. They might re arrange things and facts all the time. That’s a bad sign, even for a new girlfriend. They Love Violence And Cruel War Games They release frustration more… Potential Murderers — How Do You Know If You Live Next To Them?

Energizing My Love

Energizing our love with a tune that will take us all over the world. Time and distance won’t keep us apart… that’s for sure..! Come dance with me my love Energize myself through that song! despite our fights we can mend some broken hearts hold my hand and get ready to have some fun Back to Paris 1945, freeing the World through a wonderful tune with blue colors and more… Reaching our hands through that Berlin wall Making peace and love… never ever fall Energizing My Love

Pascal’s Triangle For Dummies

Pascal’s triangle is a triangle array of the binomial coefficients in a triangle. It is named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, but has been known from centuries. It was already known in India, China and Greece. For the western world is known as Pascal’s triangle since 1730. Just take a look how the name array changes according to the country or continent: Khayyam triangle in Iran, after Omar Khayyam a poet and mathematician from Persia (1048-1131 A.D.) Yang Hui’s triangle in China, after Yang Hui (1238–1298) In Italy, it is referred to as Tartaglia’s triangle, named for the Italian algebraist Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia (1500–1577) Binomial Expansion Given (a+b)n as an algebraic binomial to the nth power, we will have an expansion with some coefficients that can be found on the Pascal’s triangle. For years we have been struggling for ways of memorizing this set of numbers in a triangle. After checking the original ‘building block’, we came to a better…. More… Pascal’s Triangle For Dummies

Broken Hearted But Alive — A Poem

Never wishing you this pain… December 24th 1987 heart broken and ready to go back to heaven waited in vain for that girl of my dreams Later found out she chose an Engineer over me 7 p.m., locked myself in my room turned off the lights and sat on that chair 7:05 p.m., choking already with my own tears holding hands against my heart and hopeless fears …. More Broken Hearted But Alive — A Poem

Excuses Men Give, Just to Skip That Inner Commitment

According to Tammy Swallow, a colleague from Hubland, men have their own excuses when it comes to fulfill a dream. “Holly!! She is right! We forgot about our ownconspicuous and malicious excuses. Men whine as much as any other sensual being on earth.” Lets see how many excuses we can come up with, while being caught red handed. We tried to be fair, because is harder on men to look for excuses. “Tied me up Jane, and tear me apart..!” Excuses, excuses, and needing more help from our muses..! Excuses males give, just to “change the subject’ •Is SuperBowl night and your hubby is drinking with his friends. He cannot ‘take care of you,’ because he, himself and him, and his buddies bet 200 bucks on the game results. •After being confused, he started loving your Soap Operas, and those stilletos. Ops! More… Excuses Men Give, Just to Skip That Inner Commitment– Your Turn Fred!

Life In Hubland– A poem

Sharing some thoughts that you can relate to. Knowing that after all we write with delightful fun. Already writing and trying to make this piece rhyme. Hope you start your day with a sweet smile. Life In Hubland Felling like motherland writing as much as I can living our life to have fun sharing our precious time moving forward in one direction inspired in awe with fascination writing as we go with no desperation muses coming down with such indiscretion More…
Life In Hubland– A poem

Marissa Mayer, Beauty And A Succesful Career

What made Larry Page and Sergey Brin stop for a while and… hire this 24 years old (back in 1999), applicant from Wausau Wisconsin? The two Icons bombarded the future Employee #20 with questions like, “How would you write a spell-check program when you have a vocabulary so big, it won’t fit in a computer?” Or, “do you think our silly name has potential?” And so on. Marissa was ready to answer all those questions because she graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B. S. in symbolic systems and an M. S. in Computer Science. If you don’t know her, here are some of her credentials: Ex employee # 20 or 16 from Google. Elected new Yahoo CEO, and developer of our ‘I feel lucky’ google bar, Google+, iGoogle and even your own Gmail account. “What about Google Maps and Google Chrome?” Yep! She was behind the scenes when they …. More Marissa Mayer, Beauty And A Succesful Career

When Your Wife, or Partner Tells You, Not Tonight Fred

Sometimes we want to know if we guys are going to get part of the agreement and be able to take justice in our own hands. This is a direct response to Josh and his fun hubs. We work on a variety of subjects and let’s see how are going to end this hub. Supposedly you are worried because, lately you have been taking cold showers and not getting enough of those vitamins or proteins. Your dog is mad at you because… you forgot to take him out to answer to that nature’s call. Here are some signs that might help you decode your partner’s mood. Reasons, some funny and some not so funny..! •She joined HP three months ago and.. caught up with our addiction. Say what? •She is on those days…She forgot to tell ya..! •She forgot to do her nails this morning. Tomorrow she might forget her pedicure •You answered to her with a natural, “Not now! I don’t have time for this S***!” when she asked you to check a recipe from your colleague hubbers at HP. MORE… When Your Wife, or Partner Tells You, Not Tonight Fred!

Chasing Fallen Gods After The Deluge

What happened after Those Nazca lines..? After doing deeper research We faced ourselves with an impressive coincidence: A fallen God came to American soil and began to civilized helpless souls scattered from Mexico, and probably Our Midwest, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Chile. We found a bearded man, a fair skinned being, who actually was as human as any of us, but with a superior intelligence. Were we unearthing traces of the so called Gods? Suppose you have been a top adviser to your President. You have skills and have been trained to survive all kind of situations like a Navy Seal. You have left on a carrier and took some supplies and you still have your skills as a meteorologist. Suddenly, your Country disappears due to an unpredictable cataclysm: Earth shifting, meteorite, a nuclear bomb or a deluge…? You are F***! Your technology will be gone with you in your lifetime unless… You and your guys, decide to make of the world that survived, a new home. Some will spread all over, and will carry with you your math and your geography. But not for so long. Your comrades will have to mix with primitive civilizations. There is no other way. Time is running out and eventually you and your guys pass away but MORE.. Chasing Fallen Gods After The Deluge

Countless Ways To Deal With A Crush

There are many ways to deal with a crush, and every situation is so unique and different. But we will throw a lifesaver jacket in this hub, before it can be too late… or too early? Remember: This is a real person advicing in real timing. So, we don’t know how this hub is going to end. Relationships depend on two persons. It’s not just that,”I wanna kiss you so bad” state of mind. Couples rely on some chemistry that put them together for good or for worse. Crushes are natural attractions to the opposite sex. We react to what is fed through our eyes. Chemical and electric reactions are concocted in our brains; that’s why we look silly and start verbalizing that, ” she swept me off my feet,” or “felt like I was atop cloud nine.” This ‘precious’ feeling was genetically instilled in us even before birth. More… Countless Ways To Deal With A Crush

Mr. Violent Met His Match

Midtown USA 3 a.m. Robert has been drinking all night and got back home after ‘boozing’ his life away. Wife Nancy has been waiting all day for him. Little Krissy,7 years of age, has been told by mommy to hide in her cinderella bedroom, under her sheets. Little Krissy finally heard that ‘sound;’ her father started smacking her sweet mommy down to the floor. The only words she heard and will never forget are: “…I don’t think Krissy is really my daughter. That’s why I hate you Nancy!” Little Krissy’s blue eyes got wide-open under those pinky sheets. Unfortunately she started ‘pissing’ on her bed without warning. “How could you say such a lie Robert. I have given all my life. You just get drunk because you cannot face your own misery..” Robert is about to hit her again, but Nancy kicked as hard as she could, right between his legs. “Ah! Bitch! You…!” Mr. Violent Met His Match!

True Love. A poem form the heart…

True Love Just imagine our own life going back in time Just holding hands that are not here anymore walking near that water fall and feel so much more uncanny wisdom channelizing my pride senses that keep chasing this love left inside carry on the message that truth love can be found going to the right places depicted from our own neurons walking along valleys of tears that ultimately are gone More..True Love

Solving The Nazca Lines Secrets

The Nazca Lines are gigantic geoglyphs built In ancient Peru. Its located 200 miles South from Lima in an arid plateau area, where rain is almost unexistant. Precipitation barely reaches the 1″ per year. Checking the documentaries and getting nowhere, we embarked in study of our own. We concluded that the first designs were built around 200 A.D. Those very well known shapes like the Monkey, the hummingbird and even that “astronaut” were a well deserved dedication to their Gods for giving them a fertile land. Unfortunately they deforested important areas to give space for maize and cotton crops. Suddenly, by A.D. 540 their sacred harvest began to die. El niño and his warm effect gave way to a deserting land, that stayed that way until today. Curiously stylized animals were not the ‘it’ thing anymore. They changed their mind and started reproducing geometric shapes, concentric circles and trapezoidal motifs. Were they having their own local global warming? Nazca Civilization lasted around 600 years. You must wonder why they just dissapeared and left? We found that ‘El Niño’ did affect their style of life and pushed them to the extremes. Scarce water and underground aqueducts, gave them the hope they needed. More… Solving The Nazca Lines Secrets