How To Stay positive in your life..!

For many of us life is joke, like ourselves. But being serious now, life can be disheartening when we have to face our daily problems, that seem to amount to something and never slows down. We have this mental tunnel effect, and we want so bad to see the light at the other side. People around us might not even understand us, and that makes it worse. Here are some ideas and tips, that might help us to be better and get to go in life as never…thought of before. FOCUS ON YOUR POTENTIALS You know that person in front of the mirror. You know is hard to deal with the issues and the backlash. Yo can call it perfectionist and critical to death. But you have to take this bull by the horns. For some reason is keeping you and holding you back. You’ve ever seen how a movie takes momentum and you know is coming, and you know the outcome is going to be good? Well use that strength that is keeping you on hold on your favor. Write in a piece of paper what are your attributes and qualities. And of course, in another piece of paper write four words that could describe the reasons of being negative. Maybe is a chemical reaction that has been going on since birth, who knows. Perhaps a trauma that keeps haunting you. You write those four reasons and go in the backyard and burn that piece of paper, or throw it far away from you. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “you are free now. You are completely free!” If you cried, that was good and honest. Some adrenaline was released, and a load was… left behind. More…


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