Love has been found–poetry

Can you imagine being able to find love for good? The scenario is laid out like this: We have a cinematic stage with lights and music. You just have to spell your name to a some sort of breathalyzer by the entrance. The technology of that piece of Gadgetry will capture ‘literally’ your ways, your moods and your sentimental desire. The party is ready and custom made for all of us. Ever been to New york on December 31st of any year? We did…and if you have strong legs to bear the waiting for at least eight hours, you are welcome to come on over. But the euphoria is worth the waiting. People from Vancouver, next to ladies from Milan..bumping into Asian girls with their latest IPhone…and so on! We, the human race feel united on our little space among these waving souls. Back to our Invention. You will join our party, but here the soothing catch, you will match a friend who will dance with you and will tell you what you want to hear…and most of all, He/she will make you have a good time, dancing to this song, “Can’t get enough of this kind of love” MORE…. Finally love has been found


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