What is your biggest passion?

Passion, the drive and the desire for something or someone. What is the biggest passion for you?. I have an idea, let’s ask people from all over…opening this window to the world. What is your Biggest passion Steve? My biggest passion is the love for my wife and my little girl Shannon. Even though I have to work In New Jersey, I drive to Hartford every weekend to be with her and my precocious little girl. My wife is working on her PhD. In child Psychology, and guess what? She is already pregnant with my second..sorry, our second baby. Hopefully..I pray, I pray so hard that this time I will have my boy. You know? I guess that will answer your question, My second passion is my job. What is your Biggest Passion, Jagachandra from Mumbai, India? I’m 24 years old and not married yet. My biggest …. More.. What is your biggest passion?


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