Who is this Actress?

This Award winning Actress, has come a long way, and we thought of a better way to introduce her work, through a timeline. We want to make it fun and we can start to show some pictures. Remember, every time you see

a photograph from her personal album, take 15 seconds to make up your mind and go to the next one. After every picture we will drop the ball of information, or misinformation…Just kidding. Of course by seeing baby pictures you won’t be able to recognize her. But just have your 3 or 5 minutes to find out for yourself. “When I was 27, I went back to see my House and the room where I used to sleep. This was terrible. Mom actually… gee! made me sleep in the closet; for goodness sake! All was so tiny after going back 10 years later. I owe my life to my mother, you want to know why? When I was 2 years old I fell in this swimming pool and practically I was drowning, and perhaps saying good bye like a little mermaid, but Mom was this strong woman, and a mom , of course. She just jumped and got me out with not even thinking of taking her sandals off.” MORE…. How Long Would it Take You to Recognize This Actress?


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