Isn’t this world a joke? Really?

Seems that we are funny folks by heart and didn’t explore, or exploded that vein in here. Seriously, we need to let vent some tension away by all means if possible.This would be a good way to pay back with a laugh the state of this World in crisis, and our own economy; or like JT Walters would say, ‘the state of the righteous 1% from DC, that doesn’t include me!!’ Let’s see what Mister Master minder has for us. Come on Sir ‘mind’, enough of this rhyme. The world is actually a joke. The funny part is that God ‘knows it’ and he is behind the scenes, having enough time to pull some strings…that are not visibly attached. “Be fair”, judge with fairness, don´t tilt the scales. That can apply to us Hubbers also, but can you imagine trying yourself to be fair with your own money? Whoever created currency and applied to his/her own misery, is actually telling the one above, “You were right Sir Lord, Money is the root of evil. “Okay ex CEO on Earth, back to the back burner!!” This is another one similar but deep. As deep as our own Country: MORE…. Isn’t this world a joke? Really?


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