Tips To Get More views and increase yous status at HP

Tips To Get More Views and Increase Your Status at HP These tips might apply to many of our new Hubbers that are willing to catch up with Senior writers who never thought of writing this hub. Or maybe some did but on a different approach to the matter. We wrote it as a courtesy and with a’ lending hand’ spirit. There is nothing wrong in sharing some tips as many did before with us. We were taught and we want to give back as well. Hopefully this hub will reach to that ‘newbie.’ who might’ve been asking some questions and never found them. •What Makes Persons Using Hub Pages So Very Special? What a question! We will try to be fair in answering this question by sharing our own experiences and vivid moments. Will be hard at times, but will be worth the try. Here we go, with a raw idea and a hypothetical script. Straight to the matter… Twitter Follow as many as you can. Be selective, start with your colleagues and then broaden your search. You can look for writers and artists. If you are into poetry, you can follow Maya Angelou’s followers or so. If you love music, follow the industry and get involved. •Tip: retweet (RT) important tweets from people you think might follow you back with a thank you note. You will increase your followers by the day. Learn about tagging your postings and drop just to send #FF, or a shout out to your new ‘cyber buddies.’ MORE… Tips To Get More Views and Increase Your Status at HP


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