The United States Border Patrol is the single most dangerous job in US federal law enforcement anywhere in the world. Certainly, each Border Patrol Agent in the field must have the ability to protect himself and others. Most Agents are on duty alone and often in remote and dark border country far from any backup or support. The Immigrant Why do these people cross the border knowing that they may die, get caught or simply bump into the wrong crowd at the wrong moment? This is the story of Martin Suarez, the guy who helped Juan Garcia from our, “Either you or me” story. The research has taken 3 days and the events and accounts could’ve happenned to so many lost souls… that never made it into what they called Liberty. Cochise County Arizona Mexico/US Border Ravaged vultures were about to eat away the hopes of a dead or dehydrated immigrant. A Border patrol on a shift turn arrives at 9:45 a.m to the scene, warned by those birds of prey. Is already hot and they, the forecasters, were expecting a 116 degrees of pure hell. Michael Polonis, 37, knew of these incidents and was ready for the worse. Immediately, he chased away these vultures by shooting into the air his Berretta 96D “Brigadier” pistol , and tried to cover the dry body with a thick blanket for cold nights. Thinking to himself and checking this immigrant’s vital signs, he feels heart activity. “Wow! he is almost death or just succumbed to this muggy weather, Agent Polinis mumbled. “God, and he was so young!” Without delay, he got hold of his two-way transmitter and reached the Douglas City Border headquarters dispatch. He noticed that this kid’s book bag contained a small notebook. “F***! This kid kept a record of his journey, but is in freaking Spanish! Gotta be kiding me!” Naco AZ, U.S. Border entry point Source: Andre Engels, C.C.A-SA 2.0 unported, via Wikimedia Commons Few minutes later… Walt Thomson arrived a few minutes later, he was one of Michael’s comrades who came as fast as he could. “found another car near Naco, with 3 bodies inside this Chevrolet Impala’s trunk. All died due to suffocation and asfixia.” Seems that these Coyote smugglers left this cargo to die. But someone shot bullets on the car; this reminds me of a vendetta. Michael responds, “and this kid was just 3 miles north. I would love to find out what really happened. Three lives that were not spared. But I think we can save this one…” Douglas City AZ Border Detention Center 4 hours later Mike was thinking of an idea, and took the notebook dairy with him. He did pay a visit to this kid at the South East Medical Center. Mike was still in shock. Even though it was his job, he felt empathy for this souls. What really broke his heart was this sacred medal that this kid had around his neck. It was stained with purple seeds from prickly tuna pear cactuses. What was the story behind all this? His wife was waiting home for him and she was the one chosen to help him. Her name was Martha, Chicano descendant who knew Spanish. Her great granparents fought with legendary ‘Pancho Villa.’ For some reason Michael Polonis was linked to that ‘South of the Border.’ More… Changing-Plans-Changing-lives


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