Talking About Sizes — Does It Really Matter?

Does it? Knowing that beloved Sannel L. Pushed some chords to the limit, we tried to talk about sizes and more sizes without getting Larry Page and Sergey Brin crawling bots to get on our backs. This time we wanted to talk to real women and real people. For obvious reasons we just mentioned location and changed some names. Marcela from Mar Del Plata-Argentina. Does size really matter? Eh viste! (well look!) You are talking about his Renault twingo 4 cylinders? Well, it depends of the day and the time we both accelerate the speed. We usually ‘ride’ stick down here, I mean drive!! We consume lot of meat and we cannot overlook sizes. Some say it depends how men park the car in the garage, but most of us women want to see their man park the vehicle at the right angle and the right time. Variety and imagination makes our men successful. If a woman tells you that size does not matter, either she is lying or she never dared to travel to Antarctica. Argentinian women do not play around the bush. We love to see our men in tight Jeans along with our “asados”. To make it short for you: Size, Horsepower and the miles a car can drive in a day…that’s what really matter for us. We have European origins, and our Latin, Italian, or whatever side emerges at any time Talking About Sizes — Does It Really Matter?


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