Coping With Grief And The Loss Of a Loved One

Our Own Thoughts Losing a loved one is one of the worse feelings a human being could experience. Since we are born, we are not aware that our time on this planet is limited. By age four or five, we start hearing of a ‘departure’ that doesn’t affect us. We start hearing from our parents words like, “Yeah grandpa was an excellent mandolin player,” and we do not worry much until we watch ‘Charlotte’s web.’ Gulp! By age six or seven we are heading to grammar school and start realising that we have parents that care. The next stage, unpredictable at times, is the loss of a pet. We, as little kids start asking questions and even realize frantically that we are going to go to ‘heaven’ one day. Parents try to find ways to make it easier on us by arranging the “funeral.” By that time Snoopie, Disney or other Networks filled our lives with joy and proper care. We all were kids and we know we have love and support from our loved ones. “Yes dorothy, you are still in Kansas and not in Pandora.” So, we said loved ones? We have came up with a sociological formula. The more you felt that love, the more the grief would last, when is time to say goodbye. A directly proportional impact that has been instilled in us from the beginning of times. We have heard that energy doesn’t …. More Coping With Grief And The Loss Of a Loved One


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