Solving The Nazca Lines Secrets

The Nazca Lines are gigantic geoglyphs built In ancient Peru. Its located 200 miles South from Lima in an arid plateau area, where rain is almost unexistant. Precipitation barely reaches the 1″ per year. Checking the documentaries and getting nowhere, we embarked in study of our own. We concluded that the first designs were built around 200 A.D. Those very well known shapes like the Monkey, the hummingbird and even that “astronaut” were a well deserved dedication to their Gods for giving them a fertile land. Unfortunately they deforested important areas to give space for maize and cotton crops. Suddenly, by A.D. 540 their sacred harvest began to die. El niño and his warm effect gave way to a deserting land, that stayed that way until today. Curiously stylized animals were not the ‘it’ thing anymore. They changed their mind and started reproducing geometric shapes, concentric circles and trapezoidal motifs. Were they having their own local global warming? Nazca Civilization lasted around 600 years. You must wonder why they just dissapeared and left? We found that ‘El Niño’ did affect their style of life and pushed them to the extremes. Scarce water and underground aqueducts, gave them the hope they needed. More… Solving The Nazca Lines Secrets


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