Chasing Fallen Gods After The Deluge

What happened after Those Nazca lines..? After doing deeper research We faced ourselves with an impressive coincidence: A fallen God came to American soil and began to civilized helpless souls scattered from Mexico, and probably Our Midwest, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Chile. We found a bearded man, a fair skinned being, who actually was as human as any of us, but with a superior intelligence. Were we unearthing traces of the so called Gods? Suppose you have been a top adviser to your President. You have skills and have been trained to survive all kind of situations like a Navy Seal. You have left on a carrier and took some supplies and you still have your skills as a meteorologist. Suddenly, your Country disappears due to an unpredictable cataclysm: Earth shifting, meteorite, a nuclear bomb or a deluge…? You are F***! Your technology will be gone with you in your lifetime unless… You and your guys, decide to make of the world that survived, a new home. Some will spread all over, and will carry with you your math and your geography. But not for so long. Your comrades will have to mix with primitive civilizations. There is no other way. Time is running out and eventually you and your guys pass away but MORE.. Chasing Fallen Gods After The Deluge


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