When Your Wife, or Partner Tells You, Not Tonight Fred

Sometimes we want to know if we guys are going to get part of the agreement and be able to take justice in our own hands. This is a direct response to Josh and his fun hubs. We work on a variety of subjects and let’s see how are going to end this hub. Supposedly you are worried because, lately you have been taking cold showers and not getting enough of those vitamins or proteins. Your dog is mad at you because… you forgot to take him out to answer to that nature’s call. Here are some signs that might help you decode your partner’s mood. Reasons, some funny and some not so funny..! •She joined HP three months ago and.. caught up with our addiction. Say what? •She is on those days…She forgot to tell ya..! •She forgot to do her nails this morning. Tomorrow she might forget her pedicure •You answered to her with a natural, “Not now! I don’t have time for this S***!” when she asked you to check a recipe from your colleague hubbers at HP. MORE… When Your Wife, or Partner Tells You, Not Tonight Fred!


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