Marissa Mayer, Beauty And A Succesful Career

What made Larry Page and Sergey Brin stop for a while and… hire this 24 years old (back in 1999), applicant from Wausau Wisconsin? The two Icons bombarded the future Employee #20 with questions like, “How would you write a spell-check program when you have a vocabulary so big, it won’t fit in a computer?” Or, “do you think our silly name has potential?” And so on. Marissa was ready to answer all those questions because she graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B. S. in symbolic systems and an M. S. in Computer Science. If you don’t know her, here are some of her credentials: Ex employee # 20 or 16 from Google. Elected new Yahoo CEO, and developer of our ‘I feel lucky’ google bar, Google+, iGoogle and even your own Gmail account. “What about Google Maps and Google Chrome?” Yep! She was behind the scenes when they …. More Marissa Mayer, Beauty And A Succesful Career


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