Potential Murderers — How Do You Know If You Live Next To Them?

Mass murderers, when these outcasts kill, they do not fear no one, not even God. We are so pissed about the last event in Aurora Colorado.There is no other way; we came out with our own ideas to uncover these killers’ traces of destruction. We think this is a time bomb from our own society and we need to take this bull by its horn. Here we are going to tip off these scumbags right from the very minute you read this.

They Are extremely Intelligent Due to denial and neglect as kids, they keep their minds busy studying the best they can and beyond. Some might have become wonderful teachers, but life will catch up with them. Either they start a family and move on, or they become the next Unabomber. They never knew love If you check the “silence of the Lambs” video, or Timothy Mc Veigh’s childhood, They all have a pattern of misery, despair and abandonment. If you ever approach a new ‘friend’ and you find out about his/her childhood. Just pay attention in how they recreate a past of their own. They might re arrange things and facts all the time. That’s a bad sign, even for a new girlfriend. They Love Violence And Cruel War Games They release frustration more… Potential Murderers — How Do You Know If You Live Next To Them?


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