He Said, He Had A Surprise…! We did write a piece, “Have A Surprise For You.” But many of our readers and hub friends wanted to hear from her (Thanks Tammy). His last words were, ” would you take back this man again..?” We were thinking for two days about an answer form her; and before her saying any word, she was listening to his loving words. She was touched but sad… She had to forced herself from the moment he came back home, but eventually gave in. Let’s hear her side of the story. This story is fictitious, but taken from real life events… If men knew… If men could just figure what is in our minds things would be so different from the start I hear your words and your approaching me my whole body starts to tremble can’t you see? We women can get hurt so easily, I know Is not the why, where, or simply how Our emotions are totally independent for our brain I hear your words and… trying to apologize again Just enough time to say, “huh huh..!” You are trying to change 10 years that were not too bad I fell for the man that was pretty much Mr. Right I said, “I do,” from the bottom of my heart…! MORE… He Said, He Had A Surprise…!


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