Our Inspiration As a Writer…

Surprisingly I’m here. And really do not know how this article is going to end…or how it got started. Time runs so quick! I can’t believe I’m here writing about what really inspires me. I might say it’s a great deal of luck and the love for the craft. My great grandfather became a famous writer and we just did inherit his joy for writing. Amazing how we can delve into deepest humanity and capture the best moments with our own inquisitive mind. Fortunately technology has been on our side. Probably our own great grand kids will relate to our ranting one day in the near future. Forgot to mention the date, today is: July 25th, 2062 Computer! continue with our writing, we are going to take a nap…. Finally, we could say that we were close to being annihilated ..More… Our Inspiration As a Writer…!


One comment on “Our Inspiration As a Writer…

  1. You really inspire me Joseph! I came back to comment her as I am currently signed out of HP. So I see you also got the love of Math from you Great Granddad Pop-Pop…lol. You mentioned the date I was wondering about the time in your dimension, has the clock gone past 24 as yet?

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