Evilness, so real and present in our everyday life that… at this very moment trying to stop us from publishing this very article. It has been talked about for centuries. Wars have been fought because of unrighteousness, and people have left our planet for senseless misunderstandings and memorable inhuman acts. We are going to focus on its effect on us, the ‘average Joe,’ and the disastrous consequences by acting evil. Yesterday we read about Billybuc’s story, and we felt compelled to write about evilness. We deeply felt the pain from those kids who died with no reasonable explanation. Seems that ‘malignant spirits’ are roaming this earth, rampant and unpunished…. apparently! What is evil then? According to the dictionary is the condition of being wicked without having remorse. A malignant feeling that needs to be fed, added to a despicable condition of profound immorality. How can we explain the unlawful need to keep hurting good souls? All boils down to a revolving clash of selfish energies, that cannot defeat those chosen souls for eternity. Our Bible explains with detail how evilness will meet its final hours at any minute… More.. Evilness-wont-get-you-nowhere


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