Kids! The darndest things they wisely come up with!! If you are a teacher, then you know what we are talking about. We will never forget those days in grammar and middle school when life was easier. Actually, seems like it was the day before yesterday. Back then (1976) friends were cool and use to make clean jokes and silly pranks; nothing like getting mad for anything, not even closer to those kids from Columbine. Let’s share some joyful moments leaked from a retired school teacher. Well, let’s check some answer to a real test and how smart they were…! Karl, a middle school teacher handed the social studies questions to his students. The morning came for the ones who didn’t perform good enough in social studies and history. But let’s introduce “Marky.” This buddy of ours did not study, as usual, the weekend before — was going to call him “Joshy,” but thought Janine would leave a longer and hilarious comment. Marky was this 14 years old kid, who was more interested about listening (downloading for 2012) his favorite tune, and talking to his girlfriend on the phone (skipe?) than studying as he should’ve been More… Humor-Jokes-From-Real-Kids


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