Three Generations — One Heart

George Al-Tron 35 a Bio engineer from the future travelled back in time to discover and study his beginnings. He is already a humanoid whose heart is filled with a deeper love for his ancestors. The last cataclysm that destroyed planet earth 55 years before his birth, made him look into the past. He knew that technology was already available to delve into the origin of his own ‘semi-humanity.’ His main concern was to make contact with his great great great grandfather, Joseph D. Enter a “Total recall” scene where the three of us will join efforts and sequentially will share their love for family and thick bonding from the past, present and restless future. Join us to listen to three generations into a piece of poetry of their own: Zachary O’ Hanlon, 63 years old, who knew Woodrow Wilson, Frank Delano Roosevelt and both World wars. Joseph De Cross, 49 years old, Freelance Writer at HP, and a solid experience in financial and commercial printing. George Al-tron, 35, Bio-somatic Engineer, who did his best to get the family together… inside this Time Chamber within their interconnected minds More… Three Generations — One Heart


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