He Dumped Me with No Reason — Any Advice?

This question was read on a feed from another network. Seems that a lot of young couples are not really hitting it off as expected. Let’s see how can we help with our experience and certain common sense. This is mainly a hub for a young woman that needs some answers now. It can apply to a young fellow, but ‘he’ will have to decide which part of this article applies to him. Probably she is not going to trust her parents because they saw it coming and wouldn’t understand her heart completely; her social network friends either they are not taking her serious, or are minding their own business. What Should I Do? “Devastated and numbed… please!!” First of all if you are reading us: •You are devastated •You are clueless •You are insecure •You do not trust anyone anymore How do we know it? We are reading along with you… and the picture can be sad. Your parents or siblings told you, but you wanted to work things out. Being young and naive can take a toll on all of us. We were young, and we had to learn the hard way. More… He Dumped Me with No Reason — Any Advice?


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