In 2006, we took a trip to Machu Picchu without much delay. Our 401k did the magic, and we took advantage of it. We took two weeks from work and we decided to visit this new world wonder. The new Footage is ours and we found it three days ago in one of our USB files. Come with us and experience this new world with your own eyes. Let’s see what we have… Here is our first video: is actually the day we departed from Cuzco-Peru to Lima. If you look carefully through the window from this 747, you will notice the complex mountain ranges called, “Andes .” The pilot announced first the temperature and weather conditions in Spanish From Cali-Colombia To Lima-Peru We spent over four weeks in Colombia; the weather was outrageously humid. Temperatures never came down from those sultry 89 degrees. We were relieved when we took the plane to Peru. The trip from Cali to Lima lasted 2 1/2 hours. The view was outstanding. The Andes are a Mountains system that became the backbone of South America. They formed during the Cretaceous period (about 138 million to about 65 million years ago). Lima-Peru We landed in Lima-Peru on November 16, 2006. This Capital Was founded by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535. The beaches were amazing. Yeah! Okay! Women too! Yes, Tammy! Yes Lathing! Yes Kelly U.! Yes Faith Reaper! Yes Maria Jordan! Yes Rubi and Rasma! Yes Martie! Yes Billy and Curiad! No Josh! More… Machu-Picchu-The-New-Wonder-of-The-World


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