Thomas Alva Edison — An Interview

West Orange New Jersey February 11, 2047 Today marks the 200th anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison death. Residents of Llewellyn Park, West Orange are having their 194th annual meeting to discuss the fate of the community which is usually held on every January 1st. Several landslides from the first range of the Watchung Mountains have caused damages to the eastern slope, causing erosion to the once lush and wooded area . A group of Scientists from MIT and the European Nuclear organization, CERN, convinced the residents, the National Park service and the Governor of New Jersey to use their latest retro DNA Analyser, an improved bio retro-scanner. Might seem like a modern version of “One step beyond” and the “twilight zone” combined, but our scientists have already tested the “bio-engineered device” with other distinguished 19th Century Scientists like Madame Curie and the Lumiere brothers. How Does it Work? A nano-gamma bio-algorithmic probe “scanned” through the remains, with family permission of course, and added a sequential theoretical psychosomatic “self” to data collected through centuries. However, and this is so important, search engines would fill the holes during sensitive period of times. This was just a simple explanation for the general public; we left aside the psychosomatic and psychological implications that were held within acceptable parameters. Fast Forward>>>More…. Thomas Alva Edison — An Interview


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