If you Think Sofia Vergara is a hottie, then Cristina might be Next Cristina Hurtado was Born on September 14, 1983 in Copacabana, a suburb from Medellin-Colombia. Medellin was the Capital of the “unending and eternal spring.” Cristina had it rough from the beginning. Colombia was living through a identity crisis, after those powerful Cartels. Cristina, as many new young generations, grew up with an uncertain future. Government and many leftists, along with ultra right wing factions made life in Colombia almost unbearable. But life took a different course, and violence settled for a while.That’s when Colombians started to face their own reality. Modeling and clothing began to attract these attractive paisas (Medellin beauties) into the spotlight. Enter Cristina Hurtado “Criss” was already in her teens when her mother caught up with her hopes and ambitions as a young woman. Cristina knew she had to make her best moves, and thought of becoming a model. She started dreaming like … More.. Introducing Cristina Hurtado, a Colombian Beauty


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