Short Love Story–Until Next Time Sweetheart

Dulles International Airport Washington D.C. Ryan, a 16 years old teen, is saying goodbye to an “almost girlfriend” at this International Airport in Washington D.C. Her name is Bertha, a 17 years old girl from Prague, Czech Republic. She was in the States for over a year with her parents. They were scheduled to go back to their country today. Ryan made it on time to say goodbye, and quickly asked Bertha’s Parents to have at least five minutes with her: “Bertha, I just want to tell you how much I’m going to miss you and…” “Ryan, you… you helped me to improve my silly English and.. huh, I’m going to miss you so much!” “Is my first time I’m gonna miss a girl like you. I don’t understand it. Why you have to leave just like this?” “Ryan, Our Visa was granted for 18 months. I told you that, from the very beginning.” “My mom was right. I did mature with you Bertha. Even though you are older, I did grow… we got along so well..!” “I feel like crying too, Ryan, as I did all night. Never wanted to say goodbye to a ‘friend’ like you…” Bertha’s dad, Bohdan, a Chemical Engineer, came over and told Bertha in their own language that it “was time to say bye.” Passengers were already boarding the British Airways flight bound to London, and then heading to Prague after a four hours layover. More… Short Love Story–Until Next Time Sweetheart


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