Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope and Where In The World Was Bertha

Falls Church Fairfax, Virginia The Present Ryan is 25 now. It’s been nine years since he said goodbye to Bertha at Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C. Her name was on his head all day. Today he will heading to Frankfurt Germany. You wonder why? In nine years so many things did happen: At 18 he joined the Armed forces, specifically the Air Force and made several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was already a Senior Airman, and has been through so many casualties and consequential collateral damage during his career. Friends that he met at Lackland’s Airbase in San Antonio Texas were gone! Some died in Kabul and others were ambushed during several unexpected confrontations with the enemy. Dating? Disregard Ryan, over! When Ryan said bye to Bertha, he was expecting a call from her. But her own father made sure Ryan’s cell would disappear mysteriously by the time the made it to Prague. Bertha’s father was still upset with both incidental kissing nine years ago. In some way Ryan didn’t want to commit to any one else thinking, thinking Bertha might have given him a call, which never happened. Why Germany? Europe was small compared with the states. Czech Republic was near the eastern border from Germany. The Berlin wall fell in 1989 and that cold war was over, unless they never told us. Ryan would be sent to Ramstein Air Base, in the province of Rheinland-Pfalz. Almost a Miracle…? Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope and Where In The World Was Bertha


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