Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope finale

Three months Later Prague, Czech Republic Sunday Morning Service Czech Unitarian Church At Karlova 11 a.m. Alexis and Bertha are done with church service. We just found out that they were going to get married in two weeks (they don’t even warn the writer!). Did she have time to tell Ryan? Nope! Bertha’s parents drove and parked themselves for the next service Near Alexis’ car. Bertha’s parents missed the early service. Alexis and Bertha are is heading to his Citröen C5 turbo. Three, two, one, Action! Alex heard a deep whistling sound inside his ears. A shadowy and slightly “invisible energy” passed Bertha and him by. Was something bad going to happen? Same Time Bonn Germany Dowtown Mall Spanning across from the central Garden, we noticed a couple walking through this mall. It was Ryan and Sasha Shapova, a stunning Russian descendant female “friend,” who he was going out with, after Bertha broke his heart 12 weeks ago.–They don’t even have the decency to warn Joseph De Cross More… Short Love Story–Ryan’s Hope finale


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