There are events in our lives that have changed us forever. Were we schedule for these appointments, “for real bro'”? We just leave it to you appreciated reader… maybe you can try to remember some personal experiences that may come to your mind. But as we see it now, we could’ve been dead or maybe in a mental house. Let’s see what we can share freely as we write. Air Traveling Is May 11, 2009. We are coming back from a trip to South America. By pure luck we are at the right moment and the right seat. We boarded a flight from Bogota bound to New York through Colombian carrier, Avianca Airlines. What was happening? Or what is going to happen? Let’s hear from the Captain: “Ladies and Gentlemen.Seems that… we are flying over Miami right now, and ATC tower control is telling us that we are safe to keep on our itinerary…” What was he talking about? So far we were just over Floridian skies; clearly above Miami, and we would’ve been landing at JFK in the next three hours. Let’s hear what was he trying to tell us: “Is 2:01 p.m. and… in a few seconds, on your right window, you will see the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifting off from Cape Canaveral. Folks, just keep your eyes open and you will experience a first class event..” Our passport stamped, before departure, “11 Mayo, 2009” Source: Self Feeling the World? You want to know what we felt? We saw through our windows a ball of fire coming up in an angle, close enough to shake our emotions and lives. A sort of life threatening missile with changing colors from dark blue to incandescent yellow and back to phosphorescent orange. We could hear a dead loud sound. Those freaking thrust engines must’ve separated a few minutes later, but it was an spectacular view for 2:04 p.m. What you saw on TV, like the Challenger explosion back in 1986, we saw it face to face with no …. More Events That Changed Our Lives for a Reason


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