The Legendary Journey Through Life — Our Eleventh Hour On Earth

The days come and go. The Sun witnesses our everyday life. The more we interact with people, the more we capture our meaning and reason to be in here, at this very moment. Memories, conscious pondering and self assurance, make us realize that we are at the right place with no doubt. Life so Short, But Worth Living it Life, just a simple four letter word by itself; left drifted away to our own will. It encapsulates a paradigmatic meaning for all of us. Just as intriguing as unpredictable for every single soul on earth. However, irreverent and reckless with some of us; at times hard to put up with. Life can make you happy, worry about, sad and naturally become evil or magically deter negativeness and reach that “quintessential” angelical level. Or maybe, perhaps, It can make you go against your own self… thinking… thinking that you are doing the best for your own good at that “instagram” of your life. Life can bring around the best/worst out of nothing for you, as “common sense” might dictate. If we see it with a cold head, we can decode, or caress with our mind (slightly) that action and interaction between our own souls. Some die every day and some are born at the same time. But that kind of understanding is beyond our own intelligence. Our mind is so complex (gee!), and so is the world around us; even if we try, we cannot hardly achieve a rational stability, whether emotional or physical from another person’s point of view. If we continue and get deeper into this metaphysical philosophy, we might get burned out. “Joseph, what the ## were you reading?” MORE… The Legendary Journey Through Life — Our Eleventh Hour On Earth


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