High School Math: Conversions, Practical Examples and Applications

Setting ourselves up… inspired and ready! Conversions have been around for ages, and now more than ever with this wide world web revolution. If you travel to Argentina for instance, you get faced with the metric system right away. You start seeing on the road signs like ‘Speed limit= 85km/hr” If you rented a car at the airport, you are now like, “on your own.” If you go to Frankfurt Germany, you get faced again with the metric system wherever you go. You were in a bubble where all you needed to know was miles/hour, Fahrenheit degrees, furlongs and inches. I don’t even mention the language because that would be another story. The Metric System In 1799, Napoleon introduced the metre, originally based on the metre des archives and the kilogramme des archives. Condorcet and revolutionary team, defined the decimal multiples in order to keep coherence. The U.S. is the only industrialized country that hasn’t adopted the system completely. “Tradition and the very example of Benjamin Franklin, made us think about it too long.” CGS, ISO, DIN, ASA, ASTM and so many more; those were the haunting scientific initials in college, and boy they gave us a headache. “Conversion? Who cares about them?” Listen kid, I’m just writing this article in order to open a door, away from your texting and that catchy guitar from “Tin lizzy.” MORE… High School Math: Conversions, Practical Examples and Applications


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