Sofia Vergara and The Secret Of Her Success

This is more than just a hub from a celebrity. This article is close to a personal story, because we have been to Colombia more than a dozen times. We just fell in love with that Country and its traditions, and its women of course. “Viva Colombia!” On July 10, 2012 Sofia Vergara or “la Toty” turned the big “Four-O” Long gone were the days of hot summers in Barranquilla where she was born. Tumultuous years of chaos and insecurity made Sofia emigrate to Miami in the early nineties (1994) . Discovered by a photographer on a beach in Barranquilla, Sofia wanted to be successful and famous. Not even her Catholic background and her nun teachers could stop her from making her dream come true. In 1992 she welcomed her only son: Manolo, and from there own, she had a reason to fight. Divorced came along, the the U.S. was ready for her, or was she ready for the United States and stardom? Why Colombian Women are Beautiful? Barranquilla is a seaport and since colonial times has welcomed immigrants from all over Europe. Curiously, if you see Shakira, she is from Barranquilla as well. The mulattoes from Africa brought their own beat. The East Europeans and middle east brought those famous thick eye brows — check Salma Hayek and you will see what we mean. If you expose little girls to drums and a hot weather, adding beaches and their background, rest assure you will see well rounded bodies that during years blended nature and beauty through the beat of a “Cumbia.” If you drive east from Barranquilla 200 miles, you’ll end up in Caracas-Venezuela. Hello? You ever heard of Venezuelan runner-ups from several Miss Universe pageant contests? More… Sofia Vergara and The Secret Of Her Success


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