The Dangers Behind a ChatLine

A “free” Chatline that started it all.. We wrote a hub about how to get the IP from an email, and boy, we’ve really got so many surprises. We started surfing the Chatlines back in 2004, and it was a cool hobby for a divorced dude. Nothing bad talking to someone on the other side. “A/l/s” and “LOL” became the new lingo or jargon along with LMAO! What they didn’t know is that we had an advantage in computers and html coding. Suddenly, we started getting emails from dating websites and even lotto winners from the other side of the world. Some were these deposed kings that wanted to share some money, and the rest became history. The senders mostly were from some areas in Africa and Europe. Don’t want to mention any nation in particular, but seems that these rotten apple and scumbags from those hard working countries wanted to get hold of your savings by any “cyber” means necessary. Signing in You get into a new world of chatters, from the average bored housewife to Internet bots that offer online sex. You will never find your dream date in there, unless you were born blessed. Some are there just to stay away from a harsh reality. Actually the reality behind your screen is scarier than letting your child treat-or-trick by themselves and capable of bumping into people with the weirdest costume for Halloween. MORE… The Dangers Behind a ChatLine


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