A Peek into The Future. H.O.W. The World Will Look Like

Two choices in Life. You Choose one…

Ready, set, Go…!

Have you ever wondered how the world would have have looked if the Roman Empire had lasted until today? New York would be called maybe New Sicilian, or maybe New Tracie. But that never happened and we are here. The dice were roll in favor of the Barbarians and other tribes from the East that destroyed the Roman Empire. So, here there was luck and bad moves from the Senators and the Caesars. Do you see a similar picture in this 2012 U.S.A.

What the World would look like if Alexander the Great had not died on June 11 323 B.C. Maybe India and Iran (Persia) would’ve made alliances to get his empire down. But Alexander didn’t make it that far. Rumors has it, he was poisoned by his own men. So New York probably would’ve looked like a new version of the Parthenon. Just take a look at Wall St. and the Museum of Natural History. You certainly see traces of Hellenistic architecture.

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Choices made that shaped up a new world

Hitler wanted a Reich for a thousand years, and he was crazy about it! I can imagine New York City being renamed New Austria, and with good reasons. But it never happened. Russians, French and British allies, and the Americans of course, bombed that dream right into a pitiful Bunker.

I see him desperately putting a ring on Eva Anna Paula Braun on April 30th, 1945 and having a toast for the last time. How pathetic! His honeymoon was postponed for eternal hell, and he never lived his dream. Was he able to make choices? Certainly, but his mind was set to be the Fuhrer and nothing less! — Remind me of the apathy in this country. You either are a follower or a leader.

How Can we Make the Right Choices…

And get this Country together? Is up to all of us. Conspiracy theories speak of a new world order and the annihilation of useless population. But going forward in our analysis; the choices start with each and everyone of us.


A Peek into The Future. H.O.W. The World Will Look Like?


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