For All The Mothers..

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Mothers–How They Saved Our Planet

And our lives…

Mothers, those human beings that gave us life. How can we thank them for teaching us how to love? They are there for us all the time. We never grow too old for them, and the relationship goes beyond a physical existence. Any of us can start with the same CLICHE opening, “My mother always…”

Our emotional bond with them is so strong that we cannot conceive life without these precious creations. Probably because since birth, mothers were there for us, and took care of our basic needs, while the male counterpart was out there facing a different world, on a different level.

The hand of the Creator

Doing research after research, we always bump into discoveries so unbelievable but real, and hidden from us the average Joe. Let’s explore just a “simple” example from nature, or shall we say our creator:

The process of kissing

Mothers tend to kiss their babies immediately after they are born. The hugging from the very first minute locks in the bondage for life, as we said. They joy and smile is transferred to the neonatal. The effect of kissing is hiding a wonderful moment and an important life saver. Our mom’s tonsils are testing some pathogens on our faces, the ones that we try to swallow ourselves.

Technically memory B cells set a warning and travel to the mom’s breast to create antibodies, that as we thought save our lives from danger. That’s why breast milk conveys antibodies that can prevent illnesses for life (1). Can you imagine all these being done by nature? Now you wonder why instinctively we have that emotional and biological bondage


Exploring our beginnings we clash with so many feelings

enchanting emotions that draw a smile with no deceiving

reassuring bonding that expose

our own mortality

Mothers, the one that show us love and

keep us away from insanity

This ode comes naturally as that kissed

 good bye from them

Mothers that never end loving us

wonderful companions, that never leave us behind

Supportive, Adoring and Understanding

How much money do you think it is worth? Mothers give their all… and at the end of the day, they area thinking of what’s coming next. What keeps them going like sweet working ants? How can we measure their love for us? Even if you get divorced or come from war, mothers are there for you. Even if you are facing death penalty, mothers will be there for you until your last second of breathe.

Why do we cherish mothers so much?… even if they already departed

  • We can depend on them
  • The older we get, the more we love them. All those curfews made sense after all!
  • They never hesitate in giving an opinion for our own good.
  • They teach us fairness and kindness
  • Even if we don’t know how to explain an issue to them, they already know the answer!
  • They teach us to depend on ourselves and they know us so well.
  • In spite of our bad luck or tense changes in our lives, they will always be there… for us


A mother with her infinite love... until the end.

A mother with her infinite love… until the end.
The real baby!

The real baby!

A true story:

A Mother’s love

On May 12, 2008 an earthquake hit the area of Wen-chuan, China. These local rescue workers made it through debris and heavy beams from a building that collapsed. What they found was a breath taking and horrible scene. In the middle of chaos and the death, they found a mother holding an inhuman load on her. For hours she was already death, stiffen and kneeling down, wrapping her humanity around her baby. Her own cute little thing was under her and was sound asleep. The workers started to cry, when they found under the baby’s blanket a cell phone with the following text message: “My sweet dear child, if you survive, remember that mom will always love you..”

Holding our hands as babies

memories of tender thoughts

teaching us to walk while smiling

mingling with a view of their sons

Mothers will always be there for us

Never forsaken or forgotten

until we get our call… to join them

always loved by them unconditionally, with no end…



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(1) Sompayrac, Lauren. (1999). How the Immune System Works. Malden, MA: Blackwell Science, Inc. p. 71


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