PHILL GEE — An Interview


Through the magic of the net, an informal cyber-connection took place…


We wanted to know the man behind the book and we asked Phill to open up a little. Without much ado, we are going to share this interview with our readers…
What happened between 1987 and 2013?

Now, we’d rather go straight to the point; Phill and I met by chance at
Phill is actually a Location manager, line producer, and location scout from San Francisco, California.
Phill was extremely supportive of our job, and wanted to know if we could put him on the spotlight, On the East Coast (Though originally from UK).

Much to our surprise, we found out that Phill wrote an e-Book — Just like us wrote poetry, about a very true story of underground life in Thatcher’s Britain. A Les miserable quintessential narrative about that bohemian life from the point of view of those 70’s-80’s musicians, painters, sculptors, artists, authors, designers, filmmakers and, gee! people from all backgrounds who descended upon London to escape the misery of suburbia or the hopelessness of their jobless situations in the new industrial wastelands of northern Britain.
What started as an exchange of emails and points of view ended on a promise from our part. “Nothing like helping for the sake of humanity.”

We already had interviewed other artists before, and the questions flew naturally..
Here they are!

Joseph: Why the Name? Our readers would come up easily with this question…
Phill: It was always going to be ‘Dirty Squatters’ it rolls off the tongue and everyone has a squatter story, which are usually dirty

Joseph: Was Thatcher’s Britain worth living in?

Phill: Yes living in Thatcher’s Britain was worth while, though it most certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. But on reflection, it was a
time of charged and channeled energy, when my generation were actively political

Joseph: When did you begin brainstorming the book?

Phill: About 7 years ago

Joseph: Pete Best or Ringo?

Phill:Speaking as an aging Punk, I wasn’t much on the Beatles! (Sorry Paul!)
Joseph: What led you into a career in the Film industry?

Phill: When I quit the life of a drummer, there was only one route, Film Locations, and I’ve never looked back.

Joseph: Best advice?

Phill: Never trust anyone when they say ‘Trust Me’

Joseph: Best advice for THESE new generations?

Phill: Life’s education is not inside a smartphone!

YIKES for that 2013 SHOW!

Now, we quote Phill about the picture, he politely submitted to us after the interview:
>”Just for the fun of it, the photo of me attached was taken in my ‘squat’ in Brixton (south London) in 1987, and the piece of paper I’m holding is the eviction notice for that apartment
Many thanks


We support our friends and colleagues, because we never know when we are going to need that extra push to make it thoroughly in this industry. Here is the link to Phill’s book: “DIRTY SQUATTERS”




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